How Australian Businesses Are Using SMS Services To Boost Productivity?

Text messaging isn’t simply used by people in their personal life. Additionally, they use it to communicate with their preferred brands, which is why a lot of companies have started to rely more heavily on bulk SMS as a way to engage with their customers worldwide.

It’s accurate to say that by 2020, 68% of firms were using SMS texting. Businesses are expected to spend roughly $67 billion AUD on SMS marketing globally by 2025. 

Why are businesses spending so much money on SMS? 

Mostly because it works. 

The average click-through rate (CTR) for promotional texts is 36%, which is 8 times higher than the average CTR of 4.5% for emails. Since receiving texts is such an intimate form of contact, consumers are more likely to choose to receive messages from businesses they love and are actively involved with. 

Only 43% of Australian customers currently text brands. This indicates that there is a tonne of potential for improvement and a chance for you to establish stronger relationships with your audience.

How Australian business develop a text marketing plan for a worldwide audience 

Your company, your objectives, and your target audience will determine how you will differentiate your messages. But it’s undeniable that you can utilize SMS to enhance your email marketing strategies and give your clients individualised experiences. 

The following are some methods adopted by Australian businesses for texting your subscribers: 

  • Offer your consumers early access to the launch of new products during new product promotions. 
  • Exclusive discounts: To ensure that your consumers don’t miss out on fantastic prices on their most-watched or wishlist products, send out texts announcing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions as well as your inventory clearance sales. 
  • Notifications of product returns: Inform your consumers right away when their favourite product becomes available once again.
  • Special events: Texting is a wonderful approach to increase attendance whether you’re presenting a webinar or going to a trade fair in person. To locate folks in your time zone who might wish to attend, you can even employ location-based segmentation. 
  • After-sale follow-ups: Text messages may be used to rapidly inform consumers on delivery or order status. Using SMS to keep clients engaged during the purchasing process might actually encourage them to make future transactions, which raises your customer lifetime value (CLV). 
  • Text your high-value clients to inform them that they have attained VIP status as part of your VIP/loyalty programme. You may also utilise this platform to provide them with exclusive discounts or early access to things with a limited supply.

What SMS compliance in Australia looks like 

Having a method to assist you make sure you’re adhering to data privacy standards is essential since compliance is crucial. 

You may only send texts to clients who have given you their approval, in accordance with the Spam Act 2003 and the Spam Regulations 2021, which govern the sending of marketing text messages in Australia. 

You must also give your consumers a way to unsubscribe and explicitly identify yourself as the sender. 

Beyond the severe legal requirements, text message marketing compliance also involves ensuring. That your clients don’t feel like they are being spammed and that their SMS experience is good. 

You can build engaging text messages for your audience by segmenting them based on their own interests and habits using Customer-First DataTM. Additionally. You are not required to use channels run by third parties to gather data that hasn’t been explicitly provided by your consumers. 

SMS marketing is permitted in Australia and allows you greater control over your consumers’ experiences. Transforming your lawful advertising into captivating communication.

How much does text message marketing in Australia cost? 

The quantity of subscribers to your list and the desired number of messages to be sent often affect the cost of SMS marketing. 

You’ll discover that text messages might cost more than emails per message. However, because SMS lists are made up of your most active customers. They may produce better returns on investment (ROIs) than email.

Due to the more individualised character of SMS, your SMS list is also probably smaller than your email list.

You simply pay for the messages and contacts your business needs with Guni SMS. Only clients who want to receive your text messages count toward your plan. Therefore the amount you pay depends on the volume of texts you send to these clients. 

Despite having a greater ROI, text message marketing is still substantially less expensive. Than sponsored channels like Facebook or Google, where a 5X ROI is frequently a successful result. 

Additionally, due to changes in data protection, targeting on third-party channels is becoming increasingly constrained. As a result, if there was ever a moment to invest in the channels that you directly own, it is now.

Customers are prepared to receive SMS messages from you. You can improve your messaging and provide engaging experiences. That your subscribers will like by integrating SMS with your email marketing strategy.

Send texts to your Australian clients with Guni

You must persuade your customers that choosing you is the greatest decision. They can make if you want to increase foot traffic to your restaurants or takeout orders. The ideal option for consumer involvement is text messaging or a SMS service. With a 98% open rate, it receives the highest reading rating. It is a simple, efficient, and affordable way to connect with potential customers and keep the ones we already have. The finest option for restaurants and takeaways to reach the masses with guaranteed delivery and maximum visibility is SMS service. Guni is a reputable and well-known supplier of SMS services in Australia. 

We guarantee total price transparency and offer real-time delivery data. Choose Guni  as your SMS service to establish an immediate connection with your customers.

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