Hacks To Maintain Natural Hair While Wearing Curly Lace Wigs

Aside from being a quick way to change your look, curly lace wigs are most commonly used when you’re not in the mood to do your hair. Using curly lace wigs to look more presentable when leaving the house and neglecting to care for your hair is something that many women fall victim to, and as a result, their hair suffers the most. We’ve recently heard more about black women experiencing hair loss due to too-tight hairstyles, but neglecting our tresses while wearing extensions and curly lace wigs is also to blame.

1. Wash Your Natural Hair

This may seem obvious, but keeping your hair and scalp clean while wearing curly lace wigs. Because your scalp is covered for most of the day, sweat may have accumulated, resulting in an unpleasant odor. Even if you don’t use shampoo regularly, co-wash your hair once a week to rid the scalp of any sweat and dead skin that has begun to accumulate.

Wig caps can suck the moisture right out of your hair, so it’s critical to moisturize it multiple times per week. When you get home, remove the wig cap and lightly spritz your hair with water or a liquid leave-in conditioner, then pat it into the hair. Don’t over-wet your hair; just spritz it with enough water to replenish moisture in your strands. NEVER, EVER put a wig on damp hair!

2. Detangle and Braid

If your hair is long enough to become tangled, make sure it is detangled and braided down before putting on your wig cap. This reduces the appearance of bumps under your wig and keeps the hair from becoming matted due to friction against the wig cap.

3. Massage Your Hair Scalp

The worst thing you can do is ignore your scalp while wearing a wig. Dry scalp and severe dandruff are two of the most common side effects of wig-wearing. For scalp massages, use anti-fungal oils like tea tree mixed with carrier oils.

4. Let Your Hair Breath

Although you will most likely remove your wig at the end of the day, it is important to have a few days where you do not wear it. Your scalp and hair strands require oxygen to thrive, and keeping them hidden beneath a wig and wig cap can cause the scalp to smell bad.

5. Apply Natural Hair Oils

This helps to stimulate the scalp and allows nutrients to reach your hair for healthy hair growth. These recipes will also keep your scalp healthy and prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

6. Regularly Condition 

It is natural for your coily hair wigs to become dry and frizzy if you wear them frequently. You should try washing it with a good shampoo and conditioner in this case. Apply a detangling conditioner after that and leave it on for at least an hour. Brushing your hair will be much easier as a result.

7. Regularly Shampoo

Fill your sink halfway with lukewarm water, add a small amount of shampoo, and swirl it around to clean the curly lace front wigs. The shampoo will soon start foaming. Soak it for a few minutes in this water, then massage the strands with your fingers. Make a special effort to focus on the tangled areas. Allow at least five minutes for the wig to soak in the water before rinsing it with clean water.

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