Get These Apps to Help You with Your Business Startup

You can witness 70 new companies start their business in the UK every hour. You don’t need to learn these numbers over more extended periods of time.

It is because you see how passionate the Brits are about businesses.

But the thing is, running a business takes guts. Constantly and that too in a stable way, your business development should take its course on higher planes of commerce. You’ve got to provide the right kind of service to people. You must also ensure your services are getting you money.

Now, in the hustle and bustle of all these worries, it is affirmative that you would like to find a steady and prominent way to success, which is but your personal journey to fulfilment, right?

Well, as far as I can tell you, you can do this with the help of technology.

No doubt you are going to need a journal for your experiences; you will need workout sessions to keep you motivated. To find their startups, some entrepreneurs also take the help of skill development sessions to affirm their determination and management.

Yes, you need to try out these things. But you can try out applications too.

How Apps Can Make Your Day (for Business) & Which Ones to Use

Mobile or desktop apps make a statement for businesses. Some apps run an entire company.

Think of social media apps.

Your brand needs an application of its own. But, it does not mean you are not going to use other apps to facilitate your business more.

You can also make more for your brand at the right time and in the right ways by using these apps in affiliate marketing.

In order to make the most of this, I would recommend you use a few apps…not many…but a few.

And here they are given below:

  • Upwork
  • Freshbooks
  • SalesLoft
  • Pushover
  • Trello
  • Mint
  • Dropbox
  • Buffer
  • Wunderlist
  • Square
  • Pocket
  • To Conclude: Skype

Without further ado, let us now get in touch with these apps right away.

1. Upwork

It is a great app for finding work or finding people for your work. You can put up a profile yourself and start bidding to get in touch with clients.

Or you can simply contact different contractors and hire them to wither freelance or full-time for your company. You can get a wide array of professionals, from graphic designers, programmers, developers; content writers; business development executives; voice-over artists; production specialists, managers, and many others.

2.  Freshbooks

Many of my clients preferred using Freshbooks because they simply want their accounting department facilitated and looked after efficiently. It is an app where you cannot only generate invoices but you can also set up recurring invoices.

With the help of this app, you are allowed credit card access. This makes payments faster and more flexible.

3.  SalesLoft

Business operations need quite a good support from applications that increase their sales and, therefore, their revenues. SalesLoft is one such platform where you get to make this thing in a surprising way.

It helps you set up a different email list for sales operations. Using this app, you might integrate tools used in other sales apps. Basically, SalesLoft enables you to increase the efficiency of your sales reps.

4.  Pushover

Multi-device workload? Pushover can manage this problem. Think of using more than one monitor when working in a multi-device platform, through which you can control more than one device (a desktop, a laptop and a phone, for example).

Pushover is just like that in the application form. You get all your messages and push notifications consolidated into one app, and that too in a very technical sense.

  • Trello

I have seen a lot of my team members complain and comment about managing communication and work. In this regard, I have gotten personalised assistance from Trello.

Being one of the perfect apps for customising team leading and internal team communication, Trello can make your workforce achieve a kind of smoothness. It is also great for task allotment.

  • Mint

Being one of the most helpful finance apps for start-ups and others, Mint makes your money management even easier. You can budget your expenses using Mint.

You may use it for additional money planning too. Let’s say you took out an emergency loan for bad credit. You can use Mint to keep a good record of the instalment amounts for repayment. You can get the aid of reminders from this app as well.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox can be used side by side with a Word Processor. The app is also available on mobile, and it can help you create; scan; comment, and send document files.

It is a great productivity application, to begin with.

  • Buffer

This is a one-stop solution for your social media marketing. You can rely on this app to find a good common ground to bring together your social media strategies concerning different platforms.

Buffer can help you do that. If you want, you can now create a good post and use Buffer to send them to all social media platforms.

  • Wunderlist

It is considered one of the fittest apps for list-making. It might have one limitation, though. It is an app that is available on Apple-synced devices. You can still do some more research on whether or not it is available on any other platform. You may go for alternative apps like Wunderlist too.

You can add not just a list with this app but also images and reminders, and texts. According to its users, it lets you stay more dedicated to finishing your deadlines.

  • Square

Maybe there is an app for more affordable and more accessible card access. Well, with the App Square, it becomes possible.

You must sign up to access this app. Once you do that, you will be guided to access both regular and chip cards. Do you want more services? You can then upgrade to Square Stand.

  • Pocket

So, there is the need to save any files and view them later, right? You are also looking for some sort of organisation. Well, using Pocket is going to bring you closer to this purpose.

Pocket is an app where you can store document files, images, videos, and presentations so you can view them later. Added to that, it also brings you multi-device access. You can access them from your computer or phone or from your tablet device anytime you want.

  • To Conclude: Skype

I simply love the messaging app for its easy interface and fantastic group chat options.

Like Pocket, Skype can also be accessed from multiple devices.

You can use Skype for professional communication, as most brands prefer using this as the primary messaging app for business.

So, which app are you going to use? Are you already into one of these apps?

Whatever you do, try to learn more about these apps and find out if they are really useful to you. For some apps, you might need to invest so that you can access the premium version for better features. You must find out if that is required too.


Go ahead and use them to create a fantastic business.

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