Free Marble Games For Kids

Free Marble Games For Kids

What was the last time that you played with a set of marbles? While marbles might have been an important element of the childhood you had, they’re essentially obsolete in the present. With the rise of high-tech gadgets as well as robotic toys along with the web, could old-fashioned toys compete?

However, even if it’s some time since you’ve had fun with your assortment of marbles there’s lots of enjoyment to be enjoyed. Before you throw away your marble collection that has been collecting dirt in the closet here are a couple of fun marble games you can play with your friends or your family. Find probability with an online probability calculator. You can find the probability calculator online.

Marble Games


  • Classic Marbles

The most well-known sport of playing marbles was one most of us played as children. If the rules are somewhat unclear you shouldn’t be concerned. Here’s a brief overview of the rules for playing the game of marbles to ensure you can all get to join in the excitement.

How to Play:

  • Draw a chalk circle that is two feet in diameter. If there are more participants you can draw a larger circle.
  • Set up various marbles in a circular pattern within the circle of chalk.
  • Each player should possess a playing marble to play with throughout the game.
  • In order to begin, the first player is to play with their marbles in the circle of play.
  • The aim is to knock all the other marbles from the circle of chalk.
  • Each marble is worth 1 point.
  • If a marble gets knocked off the circle the player can keep the marble and earns one point.
  • Players rotate, rolling their marbles in the circle.
  • Play marbles aren’t allowed to leave the play area.
  • The marbles of players can be moved by flicking them around with their thumbs.
  • The player who has the highest number of marbles at the conclusion of the game is declared the winner.


  • Mini Marble Golf

Ideal for outdoor play, mini marble golf is a fantastic test of precision and accuracy. It is among the top marble games for children, this simple format is slow-paced simple, and not overly competitive, making it a great choice for children who are just beginning to understand the basics of playing with marbles.

How to Play:

  • Create a small hole in the ground that is large enough to fit the marble.
  • In case you’re indoors make a piece of clay in the shape of a letter C and then create a cove by creating a shape on the floor. Make sure the opening in the cove is wide enough to hold the dimensions of the marbles.
  • Choose a distance that you’ll try to get your marbles down the cove or hole.
  • The first player will be at the start of the game and begin rolling their marble toward the hole.
  • If their marble is successful in getting it to the hole in their first attempt, the player has the option of sitting for the remainder of the game.
  • The next player makes a shot using their marble.
  • The aim of the game is to put the marble in the hole or into the cove using as few shots as you can.
  • If the marble isn’t able to reach the hole the first time Then it’s played where it may stop after having been moved.
  • Players can build tiny obstacles or challenges on their miniature golf course to increase the game to make the game more thrilling!


  • Eggs In a Basket

Do you want to play with a buddy or two? If you’re armed with an abundance of marbles, and an empty carton of eggs and you’re looking for a way to play, then eggs In a Basket could be a fun sport to try. With little effort and a great chance to personalize the game to meet your specific requirements, Eggs In a Basket could be the ideal opportunity to have fun with your friends.

How to Play:

  • Make sure you have the empty carton of eggs and the black marker
  • Turn the carton over and write under every egg’s compartment
  • “15” under one compartment
  • “10” under two compartments
  • “5” under four compartments
  • “1” under five compartments
  • The first player who takes turns will be holding five marbles.
  • Each marble represents one chance.
  • The player throws each marble with the aim of having it be placed in one of the compartments of the egg carton.
  • The egg carton needs to be placed at minimum 2 feet from the egg and placed on a flat, even surface.
  • After the first player has finished throwing five marbles, his score is added and recorded.
  • Then the next player will take their turn.
  • Everyone gets a chance to throw marbles into the box.
  • The final game that has the highest points is declared to be the winner.
  • To alter the look of things players can choose to change the contents of the carton.
  • In some variants, the compartments of an egg carton are marked one to twelve. Each number is related to a challenge of truth or dare.
  • Create your own version and adapt this game’s format to play with your own personal style!


  • Booby Trap

For the more skilled players of marble, Booby Trap is a great game that will test your reactivity and fine motor skills as well as your ability to remain calm even when things are getting a bit tight. It is a great way to pass the time in school or during the summertime, Booby Trap will become a popular game for you and your pals.

How to Play:

  • Get a collection of pencils or pens, and set them on an even surface. The bigger the surface, the more comfortable it is.
  • Make a “maze” in which the pencils and pens are the halls’ walls. The space between each pencil and pen must be sufficient to allow two marbles.
  • Set up a few obstacles within the maze. Sharpeners for pencils, bottle cap with a double-sided tape whatever you like! Keep in mind that the goal is to create a viable maze that offers enough obstacles for a marble to go through.
  • A fun method to make an exciting maze is to mold chunks of clay to create obstacles within the maze. Some players will even make small tunnels using clay to boost the difficulty.
  • In order to begin the game, the first player will roll their marble towards the entrance into the maze.
  • The next player will then take their turn, and tries to stay clear of the first player’s marble.
  • The aim is to get to the finish of the maze in the first place.
  • Players must be careful not to sabotage the maze’s walls.
  • The movement of any of the pencils or pens which make up the maze will result in a default and prompt the player to return their marble to where it was at the beginning of the maze.
  • The appeal of Booby Trap is that you can create the maze in any way you like! The more complicated your maze is, and the greater number of booby traps that you place and the greater the challenge and the more challenging it gets!


  • Color Match

Test your tolerance to frustration and your ability to control precisely the small glass ball in this thrilling and exciting game played by two to three players. Be sure to have adequate space and plenty of space for your next move!

How to Play:

  • All of your marbles. Choose one color for each participant. For example, player one receives red marbles, while player two receives blue, and so on.
  • Draw a circle in which the marbles are to be put. All the marbles that you play must be equally spaced. It is recommended to leave at minimum 1 centimeter of the distance between each marble, forming the appearance of a “marble grid” in the play space.
  • Be sure that the marble’s colors are as random as possible.
  • The aim of each participant is to collect all the marbles of their color.
  • To collect a marble players must make use of their play marbles and smash all of the marbles with the same color within their play zone.
  • The player is able to enter the playing area from any angle but only hits marbles of the same color.
  • If the player strikes the same colored marble and is then rolled and strikes another marble with the same color, the player collects both marbles.
  • If a player hits the marble that is a different color the player has to:
  • Return a marble previously collected in the event that he does not already have one
  • Take a break when he’s not yet collected any other marbles
  • One of the players to gather all marbles that are of the identical color is the winner.

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