Difference Between Written Assignments Vs Projects

The world of learning has changed immensely over the years. Especially the past two years, with everything being shifted online forcefully. Slowly, education has shifted from being static and rigid textbook methods to a more hands-on learning method.

Teachers try to make learning fun by incorporating various games and the like related to the lesson plan. It not only makes learning exciting but also makes students more interested in learning. But that doesn’t mean the textbook methods have been abandoned. They’re still just as prominent since old is considered gold after all. They have their uses.

However, it’s important to understand that a balance between these two ways of learning is important for a student today. And that’s why we’re here to discuss the differences between written assignments and projects. Two tasks that encompass learning in different ways.

Writing VS Presentation 

Teachers can evaluate their abilities easily when it comes to written assignments. This is so because students not only have to pay attention to write to the best of their abilities but also need a good understanding of the curriculum to hand in a good assignment. Written assignments are also a good way to understand a student’s mind. Students can express themselves and their thoughts while also relating to the topic of the assignment. This improves the communication between teachers and students. Teachers also get an idea of the student’s abilities and interests which helps in making a better study plan for every individual.

Projects on the other hand test a student’s ability to present or demonstrate in such a way that is creative and interesting. It is an important skill to have for the future. Students can get a boost in their confidence and communication skills thanks to such projects. However, as a project is meant to be creative it doesn’t give an exact idea of the student’s abilities. That makes it hard for teachers to properly evaluate them. You can read more at thetodayguide.

Tedious VS Fun

Written assignments are predefined tasks that are bound by the curriculum. Meanwhile, projects can be out of the box and require a more creative approach rather than a textbook approach.

A common reaction that comes up among students when appointed a written assignment is ‘annoying’. On the other hand, thoughts of how ‘it’ll be fun’ revolve around when hearing about a project. Understanding why it is this way is a no-brainer.

Students get to explore their topic and research independently when doing a project. They also need to put effort into creating something unique around that topic. This is a great way to make them learn more about the topic. Various subtopics can also gain their interests, paving the way for more knowledge.

However, written assignments need a student to already have an excellent understanding of the curriculum to be able to do the task in the first place. With no way to learn while doing the task, it feels a bit forceful and tedious. Hence, students move on to seek help from Assignment Help Services. It saves their time and energy they can spend on learning in more interesting ways than a tedious written assignment. Not to mention how it saves them from the stress of procrastinating because of a task they did not have enough ability or interest in doing. And this research is done by our Australia essay writing help Expert, Eddie Broke.

Solo VS Group

Written assignments are solo tasks since they are meant to gauge the abilities of every individual. It helps students be more independent when required. Such an ability is important when it comes to evaluations like exams. However, such solo tasks are often tedious for students who are fun-loving at their age and like doing everything with friends.

Meanwhile, projects are usually group tasks. The students get to work together and merge their abilities and ideas to create something out of the box. This facilitates the ability to communicate among the students and learn more about each other. Students can also get more acquainted with the idea of integrating one’s ability to beat the other’s weakness and creating the best outcome. This would help them in real-life situations later in life.

However, with social loafing existing, sometimes students can underperform. With the thought that others will make up for their work, they would not try to do their best. This can bring the performance of the whole group down significantly and is not an ideal situation in an academic environment.

The Takeaway

MyAssignmentHelpAU is one of the best providers of Assignment Help Services. They believe in letting students focus on learning the way they want instead of forcing them into doing tedious assignments. Their experts are extremely professional and deliver the most authentic and plagiarism-free work to students. At the most student-friendly prices and without any delay in the set times!

Let’s make a world where learning goes at the pace you want. Let’s make learning enjoyable.


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