Darjeeling – The views of Himalayas

Darjeeling is a majestic hill station of northmost India located in the state of West Bengal. This hill station is famous for its mesmerizing honeymoon destinations. The town has more than 80 tea estates famous worldwide. The hill station is also called the Queen of hills in India. It is a beautiful town with picturesque views and never-ending experiences.

Darjeeling was the summer capital of the country during British rule. The town offers numerous destinations as well as tourist attractions like sunset points, forests, wildlife safaris, trekking experiences and so on. It is a perfect location for an experience of north Indian traditions with the taste of west Bengal cuisines.

Specialities of Darjeeling

This town offers various experiences not only of sightseeing but also of exploding adventures. In Darjeeling, tourists can do whatever adventure they want to do. As the hill station is available for every adventure sport from paragliding in the open sky to rafting in the fresh streams of water. The valley is a mixture of various cultures which depicts in its folk dances, songs, festivals, and art forms.

  • Festivals :- Being a multi-cultural region, here people celebrate different festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Losar (Tibetan New Year), Orange festival and many more. During these festivals, local people perform folk dances on the streets and sing traditional songs. Festivals bring a spirit of joy and happiness among the people and make the environment energetic.
  • Cuisines :- The best part of the hill station is the food here. Darjeeling is popular for its lip-smacking spicy dishes. The majority of dishes here are Chinese but with the species of West Bengal. The famous dish of this town is Momo’s served with tomato and chilli paste along with the soup. Town restaurants also severs traditional Indian cuisines and continental dishes for its tourists.
  • Adventures :- This hill station is open for every kind of adventure sport. Tourists visit for enjoying their holidays in the Himalayas by gaining some breath-taking experiences of life. Here you can trek in the lusty forests and on high mountain ranges of the Himalayas. The rafting and kayaking between the hills covered with colourful floras provide a mesmerizing experience.

Tourist Attractions

  • Bijanbari :- It is a small town of Darjeeling at a height of 760ft. above sea level. The way to this town is full of various waterfalls, rivers, flower valleys and tea farms. This town gives a scenic view of the hill station. Tourists usually prefer to trek to Bijanbari via the Singalila ranges.
  • Lloyds Botanical Park :- This garden was founded in 1887, to preserve the exotic and endangered species of flora and fauna of the region. This garden is spread over an area of 40 hectares of land. It is a hub of uncountable varieties of floras. It is must visit place for nature lovers.
  • Chowrasta :- This is also known as the Mall, situated in the heart of Darjeeling. It is a long stretch where people come and sit on the benches to visualise the picturesque views of the valley and mountain ranges. This is an open way, free from vehicles. Tourists buy handicrafts from the shops here as well as enjoy pony rides around the way.
  • Happy Tea Estate :- for feeling the vibes of Darjeeling it is necessary to visit the tea gardens. The happy tea estate is a beautiful tea garden where tourists can reach through a long narrow steep walkway. This walkway is known as T.P. Banerjee Road, the owner of this tea estate. He was a rich businessman of West Bengal who purchased this estate from an English man in 1903.
  • Toy Train :- This is the must to do thing at this hill station. A ride in the valley in the toy train via ancient forest with scenic views of exotic flora along the way and the alluring visuals of snow-capped mountain ranges. This 610 mm long railway is listed in the list of World Heritage Sites.

Best time to visit

Summers are the best season to visit the hill station. During this time weather here is cheerful and warm. Tourists can have unforgettable views of Mt. Kanchenjunga as well as of the colourful valley. The months from April to June are the months of summer here. These are the peak season for tourists in the hill station. After these months monsoon starts and mostly the ways to the hill station are blocked due the landslides and heavy rainfalls.


Darjeeling the tea valley of India, is the most beautiful destination. Hence it can be said that one should visit Darjeeling once in his lifetime to witness the true beauty of the Himalayan mountains. This is a wonderful location with a variety of experiences and tastes. The warm and kind nature of people here is rememberable. Additionally, the folk and traditional dances and songs show the vibrant colours of northeast India.

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