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Continuous work on the computer can take away the moisture of your eyes, do this 4 quick yoga in between work

If you practice yoga workouts for the eyes, the eye muscles will be more flexible and adaptable. Working from home has increased our working hours. At the same time, due to long working hours, stress, neck and back pain, weight gain, and problems related to the eyes are increasing. Aside from work, spending a lot of time looking at different screens, especially mobile phones, is also taking a toll on our physical and mental health. Also, if we talk only about the health of the eyes, then working for hours is increasing the fatigue in the eyes, blurred vision, itching, watery eyes, headache, double vision, dryness of eye moisture, etc.

Why does Continuous working on the computer take away the moisture of your eyes?

This is because the human eye is not built to work closely on anything for a long time. Therefore if you are doing this, then you should also give some rest to your eyes in between your work. For this, you can do yoga for the eyes. They will relax your overworked eye muscles, reduce tension in your facial muscles, and strengthen the muscles that help focus. In addition, eye exercises will help shorten your attention span, which will help you calm down. As your concentration increases, you will be able to pay better attention to your body’s signals and work. Let’s know about these yoga asanas.

Yogasanas for the Eyes:

Eye massage:

Rub your hands for 10 to 15 seconds until they feel warm and energized. Then gently place your hands over your eyes, resting the fingers on the forehead, palms over the eyes, and the heels of the hands on the cheeks. Do not touch the eyeball directly, but hollow out the hands a little and try to make them a veil of darkness in front of the eyes. Then now close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. Continue this action until it feels soothing. And now when you feel comfortable, then slowly remove the hands from the face and slowly open the eyes.

Focus Sifting and Meditation:

Keeping the eyes and face relaxed, focus on the object as clearly as possible. And take a deep breath, and then slowly shift your gaze to another distant object near you. Then imagine that your eyes are slowly drifting away from what you are seeing. Keep letting your eyes know about the world around you, trying to focus momentarily by being distracted by objects.

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Run the eyes around:

Keep your back straight and sit up straight while breathing comfortably. And soften your eyes by relaxing your eyes and facial muscles. And without moving your head, direct your gaze towards the ceiling. After that, slowly circle your eyes in a clockwise direction, making the circle as large as possible. Gently focus on the objects around you as you do this until you feel the moisture in your eyes. Then repeat this three times, then close the eyes and relax. After five minutes start your work again.

Concentrate on the eye while touching the nose with your thumb:

Relax your body and breathe comfortably. Then place one hand in a straight fist in front of you, thumb pointing up. Pay attention to your thumb. Keeping your eyes trained on this, slowly move the thumb towards your nose, doing this until you can focus clearly on it. And hold the breath once and then bring the hand back to its original outward position, keeping the focus on the thumb. Repeat this up to 10 times. This will bring freshness to your eyes.

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