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Centricity EMR Features

If you’re considering switching your practice management software, you should know what Centricity EMR features you should look for. These features include cloud architecture, Interoperability, Health analytics platform, and client portal. Continue reading to learn about the top features of Centricity EMR and how they will benefit you and your practice. If you’re interested in implementing a new EMR, check out our reviews of leading EMRs.

Cloud architecture

Centricity EMR is an EMR system designed for larger practices that combines clinical and financial management. It can be used on tablets and mobile devices and is compatible with a wide range of medical devices. It focuses on patient outcomes and can help your practice compare itself to other practices in your area. The system also allows your staff to participate in performance pay comparisons. Its cloud architecture and unified communications make it easy to share and access information across your entire practice.

As with any software application, Centricity EMR features include cloud architecture and workflow-based interoperability. Centricity EHR software helps you manage your practice more efficiently by creating a single, comprehensive record of a patient’s symptoms, allergies, medications, and other important information. This technology embeds standards-based protocols for integration and translation, allowing you to share patient information between departments and across the Providence Health System.


Thousands of ambulatory care physicians are using Centricity EMR software to manage millions of patient records. Designed for clinical care, Centricity EMR connects clinicians in different locations and improves workflow. Its robust features enable clinicians to securely exchange clinical knowledge and track patient information over time. Several additional features enhance the Centricity EMR experience. Listed below are some of the most notable features of Centricity EMR.

One of the most significant features of Centricity EMR is its interoperability with other medical systems. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party medical systems, including GE Health’s Centricity EMR. It also allows providers to collaborate in real-time with other care teams, ensuring high-quality patient care and improved outcomes. GE has a long history of developing EMR solutions for large medical practices.

Health analytics platform

The Centricity EMR is a population health management solution that has recently upgraded its health analytics platform. This new tool allows practices to identify patterns in patients’ health, including the latest virus outbreaks. The software allows users to compare client patterns, helping them improve their clinical productivity. Here are some ways that Centricity EMR improves patient care. Read on to learn more about the health analytics platform.

A healthcare organization can use this software to track patient data and improve its overall financial performance. It offers easy-to-use workflows and secure data storage. This program is compatible with most healthcare setups and is easy-to-use, which frees up time for physicians. Furthermore, it supports full integration with Centricity systems and third-party tools, allowing healthcare professionals to exchange and share data. The Centricity EMR allows healthcare organizations to improve patient care, boost profits, and boost quality of care.

Client portal

One of the most important elements of an EHR system is a patient portal. The client portal allows patients and clients to communicate with physicians over the internet, while still maintaining the security of private information. With the patient portal, clients can learn more about their medical condition, schedule appointments, and receive reminders, among other services. Centricity EMR is available in a demo version, making it easy to see how useful it can be.

Centricity’s Patient Portal lets you give patients electronic copies of their health information. Patients can get access to their medical records, lab results, problem lists, medications, and more, from anywhere in the world. The patient portal is flexible and highly configurable, giving the patient the ability to customize it to their liking. Personalized workflows can help physicians increase their productivity and efficiency. Personalized health information technology puts all of your tools in one place, so you can focus on the important issues. Patients can also use the patient portal to access their health information, manage their appointments, and check lab results.


The Centricity EMR platform has been implemented by more than 35,000 healthcare professionals. A prominent customer of the system, John G. Finn, M.D., sought to increase the efficiency of his practice while also enhancing its ability to provide quality care. His staff now has an easier time completing routine tasks and patient care coordination is enhanced. The Centricity EMR system supports the latest healthcare standards and is compliant with federal stimulus funds and meaningful use criteria.

The software’s reliability is an important component in any EMR. While some users may not agree with this feature, Centricity offers numerous other benefits, including a quality care dashboard that allows physicians to compare their services against industry benchmarks. It’s HIPAA-compliant, as well as offers claims management and inventory management. Its capabilities include cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, and infectious diseases. In addition, it is compatible with numerous platforms. Moreover, it is also compatible with many popular software platforms and devices.

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While Centricity EMR is priced higher than the industry average, it is not necessarily an expensive option. Its subscription pricing structure includes several features that vary in price. Typically, the software costs $10K per user per year. However, the price includes other costs as well, such as training, hardware, and maintenance. It is also important to note that Centricity EMR is not a free program. However, its low initial cost is worth the additional costs of additional features.

If you want to use the software for your practice, you should check out the Centricity EMR review. This is an extended profile for the software, which provides additional information on its price, pricing, features, and reviews. It also includes the most recent features and costs. Its extended software profile also provides helpful links to articles that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Centricity EMR. In addition to reading reviews, the profile also provides links to more information on the features and benefits of this software.

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