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Cardo Dalisay And Lola Flora Scandal Details!

Lola Flora & Cardo Full Scandal Dear friends, we have some great news for you today. Lola Flora (Cardo Dalisay) and Lola Flora (Lola Flora) are two Kapamilya icons who have been implicated in a scandal. Cardo is believed to have been linked with a woman, who is five-months pregnant. Lola Flora is allegedly still in a relationship to Xian Lin, one of her co stars. What is the Cardo Dalisay/Lola Flora scandal about? Here’s a summary of the story. Lola Flora, and Cardo Disay are both well-known celebrities in the Philippines. Their romance has been the talk in the city since it was announced that they are in love. They are loved by many, but there are some who are angry at them. Follow for more Articles visit on  

Lola Flora & Cardo Full Scandal

Cardo Dalisay And Lola Flora Scandal

The eagerly awaited love story of Lola Flora & Cardo Dailsay has finally been revealed to the public. The scandalous connection between the two was made in 2006 when SexBomb Girls fell apart. The official sexBomb girls dissolution has been ongoing since 2006. Cardo and Lola Aurora “Lola” Santillan-Dalisay were considered the most beautiful couple in showbiz after they were caught up in a scandal together with Lola Flora. Cardo Dalisay (born November 17, 1996) and Lola Aurora “Lola” Santillan­Dalisay (born December 17, 1996) are Filipina actors, models, dancers, and beauty pageant holder.

What Happened Between Lola Flora und Cardo

On October 24, 2017, Miss Earth 2017 was won by Navotas City. After appearing as a contestant in the second season of The Voice of the Philippines, she rose to fame. She was eliminated in Episode 7 after reaching the Top 12. Lola Flora, a Filipino singer and actress. Follow for more Articles visit on 

After being one of the finalists in the third season of The Voice of the Philippines, she rose to fame. Lola Flora reached the Top 3 before she was eliminated in Episode 2. Cardo Dali S’y, a Filipino singer, has had a roller coaster career since her first day in the music industry. The singer decided to end her career after a string of scandals. We will likely be discussing in detail the Lola Flora Scandal and Cardo Dalisay scandals.

Miss Earth 2017, was her title. She was crowned at the Mall of Asia Arena on October 24, 2017. After her appearance on the second season of The Voice of the Philippines singing competition, she was a star. She reached the Top 12 and was then eliminated in Episode 7. Lola Flora (Phonenian singer and actress) is the winner.

After appearing as a finalist on the third season of The Voice of the Philippines’ singing competition, she became famous. Lola Flora made it into the Top 3 but was eliminated in Episode 2. Cardo Di Sa’y, a Filipino musician, has experienced a roller coaster of a career that has taken her through many peaks and valleys since her debut in music. After several scandals that have rocked her career the singer has decided to quit the music industry. This article will detail the Lola Flora Scandal, Cardo Dalisay, and Cardo Dalisay scandals.

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