Buying A Putter? 6 Important Things To Consider

You can become a better golfer if you have the right golf clubs. And it’s one of the things you must focus on. However, buying the right putter can be challenging for some because of the availability of many options and styles that confuse them. You will find various types of steel and aluminum putting grips on the market. That’s why personal preference and taste matter.

To solve this issue, this blog will guide you on buying the perfect putter. It lists some key considerations you need to follow when buying a putter. Keep reading!

6 key factors to consider when buying a putter

Here are some significant considerations for you to follow and narrow down your choices. This way, you will select the most appealing and durable putting grip and improve your golf skills.

1.     Length

How far you tend to hit each golf ball should determine your putter’s length. Typically, a length chosen by golfers lets them stand well behind the ball with their arms extended to the greatest extent at the address position with minimal wrist break at impact. Suppose you’re away 12ft from the hole and hit the ball; you would go with a 36-inch-long putter. This way, you can stand well behind the ball.

2.     Alignment 

One of the most common problems golfers face is the putter’s alignment. Therefore, pick a putter that gives you confidence when looking down at the address. Your putter model must be lined up with your target, making you feel comfortable. You should consider this because you may miss the target if the alignment is incorrect and uncomfortable.

Putters with good alignment are ideal because the center of gravity is right below the shaft’s axis, letting your stroke straighten on the frontward motion.

3.     Type of grip

You’ll find several grip styles that may cause your confusion. Choosing the putter’s grip is highly related to personal preference. However, you will have to consider a few things regarding the grip.

If you prefer a wider grip, it could reduce wrist movement in the putting stroke while separating your hands on the club. In addition, you will have a sensation of a lighter head weight with a heavier grip. And similarly, you can ensure the heavier head weight by using a more lightweight grip.

4.     Ignore the brand name

It’s not necessary that a putter manufactured by a known brand will help you score well. With the advancement of golf club technology, manufacturers usually target known golf when making their latest putter models.

Instead of getting influenced by the brand name, consider your body type, gender, physical state, and ability needs. With these considerations, you can choose the clubs that best meet your requirements well.

5.     Loft

The putter loft matters for some and doesn’t for others. It’s low for the most part and in a good range with the standard models. Therefore, choosing a higher loft is ideal if you have a unique strike.

A forward press putting style is associated with some international golfers, requiring a bit more loft. However, you need less loft if you keep the hands square or even somewhat back upon the overall contact. So, you can ensure everything works well by doing an experiment.

6.     Pay attention to reviews

Doing a little research is a good approach to compare and get the best market rates. This way, you will read reviews and know the experience others gained by purchasing various products. Remember that reputable reviewers post both the favorable and unfavorable aspects of the putter they bought. However, the reviewer must be authentic so you can get the proper review and make the right decision.

In addition, it’s advisable not to allow the reviewer to decide for you. You should value your needs and decide after developing a firm belief.

Final Words

Now that you know some key factors to consider when buying your putter, share your preferences and requirements with Feedback Putter Grips and get the right putter.

Whether you need an aluminum or metal golf putter, we’re always available to cater to all your golf needs. Golf is a game of hits and strokes, so choose the right putter available at the best market prices at Feedback Putter Grips!

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