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Brief Guide on Preserved Flowers

To beautify spaces, have contact with nature, improve mood, and fill the environment with various colors and joy, preserved flowers are one of the most sought-after options nowadays. It is an increasingly popular alternative, especially for those looking for something durable over time without losing the benefits of flowers. Due to this reason, people also prefer to send flower bouquets for mother day, fathers day, valentine’s day, of preserved flowers on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc.

You must have seen preserved flowers, if not here we are going to tell you everything about preserved flowers.   

What are preserved flowers?

Most of the time, people get confused about these flowers, so the first thing we must say about preserved flowers is that these are not dried flowers, but the concept of preserved flowers are different. The process of making preserved flowers is totally different from dried flowers. 

Preserved flowers are natural flowers that undergo a process after being cut. In this process flower’s sap and water are replaced by a preserving liquid that gives it a unique appearance and increases its durability over time.

In other words, we can say that preserved flowers are flowers that are undergone a treatment to dehydrate them. This process helps to maintain their natural look, color, and their natural scent. The main difference between preserved and non-preserved flowers is non-preserved flowers need water and extreme care to make them last longer. Still, preserved flowers do not need water and that they can last much longer in excellent condition.

Process of Preserved Flowers

To make preserved flowers, fresh flowers are undergone with slow and careful dehydration process when they are at their best and the most radiant stage. This process must be carried out by specialists or experienced florists because, in this process, the sap of the flower is replaced with a preparation that guarantees its preservation. This preparation is made of different substances that help to make the flower stay longer in excellent condition and maintain its natural characteristics. 

From this, it can be said that there is a wide difference between a preserved flower and a dried flower: in the preserved flower, the flower maintains its color, shape, and aroma.

The main characteristic of preserved flowers is that these flowers look the same as completely fresh flowers, with one difference: these flowers do not need water in the vase since they do not need it. However, they look just like freshly cut flowers, without looking artificial and without looking like a dried flowers.

Characteristics and Benefits of Preserved Flowers

Until now, we have read what these flowers are and how to get them; now, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions around this type of flower.

Do they keep the smell?

The answer is yes. There is a myth that a preserved flower cannot hold the scent of a freshly cut flower from the plant. But this is not true. Due to the method in which the preservation process is carried out, the flower remains the same as when it was fresh, retaining its color, shape, and natural aroma. This makes it more difficult to make a difference between freshly cut and preserved flowers with the naked eye.

Do they represent a health risk?

Another myth that revolves around preserved flowers is that these flowers could be toxic for people and animals. But that’s not true. The product with which the preservation process is carried out is suitable for contact with living beings, so its presence in the home does not represent any risk.

How are they cared for?

The maintenance of preserved flowers is really minimal. Not only do these flowers not need water, but also, these flowers do not require pruning to last longer. These flowers need occasional dusting, which can be done with a soft cloth or blow dryer.

Where can they be placed?

Care must be taken when placing preserved flowers. It can be placed anywhere in the house. But the essential thing is that we need to avoid sudden changes in temperature or light for these flowers. At the same time, direct contact with air conditioners should be avoided, which can affect their appearance. It can be placed anywhere, but strong direct light should be avoided.


If you are fond of having flowers at home or planning to give flower bouquets, then this time, in place of rose, lily, or orchid flower bouquets, you can send or buy preserved flowers for your loved ones to make them feel special, or even you can buy for your home too. Hope you will like preserved flowers to keep at your home.

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