Birthday Cards: The ideal invitation strategy

A person’s birthday is one of the most important days of the year to them. Everyone eagerly waits for their birthday to come. It is a completely different feeling. The one day where you are the center of attraction and the day a lot of people, both friends and family all gather in one place to celebrate your special day. You will create loads of memories and there will be a lot of fun. This day will be a day to remember and everyone will want it to be perfect.

Now, for people to come celebrate your birthday, they must be invited to it. You most definitely can go to their doorstep and personally invite them. However, this process will take a lot of time and energy. The simpler and more efficient way of inviting someone to your birthday is a virtual birthday cards. These small cards are simple to make and it is the perfect way to invite someone to your birthday. 

birthday ecards

Designing a birthday ecards is one of the easiest tasks to exist. All you need to do is to make sure it has a touch of subtlety and that’s about it. Experiment with different font styles that are available. You can choose color themes that match your font and this way you will have the perfect birthday card for an invitation. Just don’t make it look too extra. People would love to receive an invitation card personally inviting them to your birthday party.

Now for the messages. You may find it hard to come up with messages that you should add to your invitation card. Well, we at sendwishonline.com have compiled a list of messages you can add to your invitation card and make it perfect.


  • Because everything in life is important and deserves to be celebrated. Your presence and blessings are grace.
  • We are now in a better situation thanks to God’s blessings, and I ask for your presence to celebrate this birthday.
  • Hey guys, put on your ties, and girls, put on your dresses because you’re all invited to my birthday celebration, which will be absolutely magnificent and high-class.
  • It’s the birthday season, which means it’s time to party hard and have a blast. Your attendance will make the event wilder
  • On my birthday, I want to celebrate with friends and family in the evening. I invite everyone to enjoy a delicious feast.
  • Birthdays are celebrated with food, cake, and sweets. You will undoubtedly receive everything from my birthday gift. I want to see everyone at the party, so please arrive on time.
  • You people are all significant to me. On the evening of my birthday, I want to see you. Please make sure you arrive on time, but refrain from bringing flowers and cake.


Formal Birthday Cards Invitation Messages

Your message wordings must be completely different and have a completely different vibe when compared to the normal invitation messages. We have got you covered right here. Here are a few messages you can use in your birthday invitation card for a formal setting.

happy Birthday

  • I’m planning a modest birthday celebration. Participate in the festivities and, if possible, give me your blessing.
  • This evening is going to be very busy. You must attend my birthday celebration; you cannot skip it.
  • I would like to invite you to my birthday celebration. The joy and excitement will be doubled by your welcoming presence.
  • My birthday is today, therefore it’s time to celebrate. Your absence will be felt, as will your presence.
  • I sincerely invite you to join me in celebrating my birthday. Your kind presence will energize the event.


Funny Birthday Cards Invitation Messages

  • The birthday celebration won’t be over until my buddies are all full. Attend the party at the location and time. The bar won’t close unless you tell it to.
  • You’re welcome to my birthday celebration. Dear, please arrive soon. Additionally, remember to bring the present; it is required here.
  • Last year, you failed to bring the present. This time, no excuses. Please bring the appropriate gift as well.
  • Dinner, cocktails, and dancing are all planned. My birthday party will be paid for in full of course. Welcome to the party.
  • I’m hosting an exhilarating and wild birthday party. Every jungle is encouraged to enjoy themselves and make it exciting.
  • Your friend turned 50 today, but he or she will act like it.
  • Arrive quickly to enjoy the cuisine, music, and copious amounts of drinks.
  • To all of my foodie pals! You’re all invited to my birthday party to wish me happy birthday and enjoy simply nibbles and salad.
  • Have difficulty finding a gift for your loved one? Don’t worry we have a perfect surprise ready for you to fit your personal and professional life. Explore our group cards and get a redstart for your special event.


With this you are finally done making your birthday invitation card. Everyone will be delighted to receive your birthday invitation card. Make sure you wear your best smile when your give people this card. Happy Birthday

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