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Beta-Alanine: What Is It and What Is This For?

Athletes and others interested in fitness and keeping themselves healthy prefer pre-workout supplements containing beta-alanine. They use supplements containing this ingredient to improve their physical performance and gain muscle mass.

Beta-alanine in pre-workout supplements is scientifically proven to bring improvement to an individual’s capacity to perform workouts well, build lean muscle mass, and improve overall physical function.

This blog explains beta-alanine in detail, its benefits, what dosage should be taken, and other informative aspects. Keep reading this blog!

What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that should be a part of our diet, at least 2–5 grams daily. Our body does not use beta-alanine to synthesize proteins. However, it does have a pivotal role with histidine in the formation of carnosineCarnosine is a dipeptide molecule that prevents or delays muscle fatigue and reduces lactic acid’s accumulation in the muscles. Therefore, it is most effective for improving physical health.

The production of carnosine is limited, as muscle histidine levels are usually high and beta-alanine levels are low. Study findings show that consuming supplements with beta-alanine boosts carnosine levels in muscles by up to 80%. An increased level of carnosine triggers acidification later and in a less intensive form, and performance improves as a result. It means working out or practicing sports intensely for a long time becomes easier.

Carnosine acts as a buffer and reduces acidity during high-intensity workouts. Therefore, consuming a supplement containing beta-alanine boosts carnosine levels in muscles and improves performance during high-intensity workouts. Thus, even normal people who do not exercise regularly need to integrate beta-alanine into their diet, specifically through the meat

Specific benefits of beta-alanine

Among the most important benefits you can reap by consuming a pre-workout supplement with beta-alanine, the following stand out:

  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness, which increases your strength and stamina.
  • Improves overall physical performance.
  • Shortens recovery time between workouts.
  • Increases lean body mass.

How can you take a pre-workout supplement with beta-alanine?

Between 2 and 6 grams per day is the usual dose of beta-alanine, depending on each individual’s physical and biological characteristics. You may not get overwhelming results initially, but regular use will let you enjoy all its benefits.

Supplements with beta-alanine bring more energy to your body to perform physical activities. However, you will also notice improvements Best pre workout supplements bodybuilding in the skin and feel rejuvenating effects.

Researchers report that people who work out must take a supplement with beta-alanine for at least a month. This duration is considered loading time, the period necessary for the beta-alanine to react in the body with main effects.

Final Words

Beta-alanine is a very effective ingredient of pre-workout supplements for those who work out or practice sports. Although we can’t place it at the same level as creatine, it is good to consider its key health benefits.  You can get one of the best workout supplements containing beta-alanine and other healthy ingredients by visiting our online store. Contact us today; our pre-workout specialists will help you choose the best beta-alanine supplements here!

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