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Best Tips for Image Optimization for Web Performance

Google is an angry young man who has zero patience for websites that takes more than two seconds to load. Why is that?

The websites that consume a good time to load are on the verge of losing potential leads. Recently, Amazon learned that if their page speed drops even one percent, they might lose $1.6 billion in sales a year! Sounds Crazy, right?

Under-optimized, large Image Optimization is the common cause of slowing down the site speed and driving traffic away! Trust us! The last thing that you would ever want is to get Google or your daily visitors to start hating your website!

So the only solution you are left with here is to optimize the images for better results.

Now when it comes to this, image optimization happens to be an art that needs to be mastered – for which we are here to help!

Here we have narrowed down some of the viable tips and tricks that would help you optimize your images perfectly without putting their quality at stake!

Compress your Images from Scratch!

Many people often have the practice of compressing their files or images after it has been uploaded to the Website or on a Content Management System (CMS).

Though this practice is meant to save a couple of times for the website handler, however, if you think that this is the right way to keep your website running at the optimal speed, then we’re afraid it’s not!

If you want to retain your potential leads to your website, compressing images from scratch might be your only chance to do so!

Compressing files from scratch enable you to upload files faster while instantly reducing your storage footprint. You need to know that if you compress files after uploading, you are more likely to keep duplicates.

Not only this, compressing files before uploading can prevent you from accidentally using a larger than necessary image.

Don’t know where to get your images compressed for free? Then you need to check out Online Photo Compressor tool!

Automate your compression

You may not have to worry about automating compression if you only have a few images to manage.

However, if you need to process multiple images simultaneously, automation can save you a lot of time and energy. It can also be helpful when you need to compress an image into several different formats or variations.

Automation allows you to queue a large number of images and process files at a time that is most convenient for you.

Automation makes it easy to standardize the compression, naming, and storage of images. You can also use resources more efficiently because automation can be scheduled to run during off-peak hours.

Match compression to media goals

Most websites do not require high-resolution images to provide a quality user experience. For these sites, you can use lossy compression without sacrificing noticeable quality. Using progressive JPEGs can also benefit the user experience.

Progressive JPEG files are compressed in such a way that they can be rendered from low to high quality. However, you must know that traditional rendering is surely “top-down.”

With progressive rendering, your website will load according to its final layout, and the sections will not move when the images are loaded. This type of loading prevents your site from “bouncing” to users.

But this doesn’t end here, as you can also dynamically provide different compression formats depending on the desired display device.

For example, smaller screens such as mobile devices will often allow you to use lower resolution images than large desktop monitors require.

Dynamic image delivery requires you to store more image files but can help provide the fastest user experience.

Choose the image format carefully.

The image format you choose determines the type and compression ratio you can use. The aspect ratio also determines the initial size of your image.

For example, images saved in PNG format can only be compressed using lossless compression. PNG images start with a larger file size than GIF or JPEG files. In general, JPEG images are the format you should use by default for images.

If possible, try using vector graphics saved in SVG, CGM, EPS, or XML formats. Vector graphics initially take up less storage space and are easy to compress.

You can use this image to create logos, backgrounds, and other images made up of geometric shapes.

These graphics are scalable and maintain their quality regardless of their size. Vector graphics allow you to create a responsive website using a single image file rather than creating images for each device specification.


By compressing images, you can save on storage space and bandwidth costs and contribute to a smoother website experience. Fortunately, compression is a relatively quick and easy process.

We hope that the tips provided here can help you take advantage of image compression. If you need help figuring out where to start then the Online Photo Compressor tool has surely got your needs covered!

If your photographs are not web-optimized, they may cause your site to load slowly and be challenging to view for visitors.

You may do a few things to prepare your photographs for the web. Make sure your image is the correct size first. It will take longer to load if it is too huge. Second, utilize a web-friendly file type, such as JPEG or PNG. Finally, lower the file size of your photograph by compressing it.

The layout and style of your product pages should be tested and improved constantly because testing any process yields more insightful results. Interview people, pay for polls, and observe how people respond to changes. How can changing the angle of the product views increase revenue? Would multiple angles and colors increase conversions? How about increasing or decreasing the number of product images on a page?

Continually ask how you can bring traffic to your products through different means. While image optimization is a part of inbound marketing as a whole, you can increase the opportunity for conversions and revenue with a solid strategy behind your product images.

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