Best AI Video Editing Software

You can create or edit videos with the help of video editing tools without taking the assistance of anyone. It won’t be a stretch to say that AI Video editing tools can change the future of the video editing industry.

Artificial intelligence-based software can help in building customized and personalized videos.  Now we can automatically edit videos through Artificial Intelligence. 

SoloShot and Quikstories are the top video tools for editing and sharing videos. The SoloShot provides an automated video editing tool. On the other hand, Quikstories by GoPro provides instant video editing and sharing facilities.

Top 4 AI Video Editing Software:

  • Gliacloud

It is an amazing AI video maker which presents your content in the form of video. You can use Glialoud to build custom content from the content of your choice. It makes the video editing process super easy.

Features of Gliacloud:

  • Upload the content documents or paste the content URL. Gliacloud will go through the content and create a video based on your primary keywords. 
  • The material mapping feature is one of the best things. 
  • With Gliacloud, you can create different versions of the same video for A/B testing.
  • Through its User- friendly editing package, you can make any video according to your preference.


Rawshorts are generally used for creating marketing, explainer, and demo videos. It contains a drag-and-drop video editing option with lots of video editing templates. Through this option, you can customize your video and also add colors, text, audio, and transition effects.

Features of Rawshorts:

  • Offers seamless video creation on a web-based platform and publishing studio.
  • It also provides a range of customizable video templates.
  • You can easily add text, media, and transitions to videos with the help of its drag-and-drop interface.
  • It’s easy to download and share videos directly to social media channels. 


Jumptvs is also an amazing video editing tool with artificial intelligence for the video industry. It is an actionable business data platform. It provides data-driven content with many great features.

Features of Jumptvs:

  • You can get daily analysis videos such as user activities, and performance tracking.
  • With user activity tracking, you can improve several aspects of your videos.
  • It can improve your user experience on any device.
  • Allows you to keep track of your marketing campaigns and all the aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best AI video editing tool for desktops. It is also good for professionals as well as beginners. It converts the raw video clip into an amazing cinematic product. Yalnızlığınızı paylaşacak güzel kadınlar eskort sayfasında aramınızı bekliyorlar. You can also adjust the color and audio from it. 

Features of Premiere:

  • It helps the editors to match colors automatically according to the video demand.
  • The face detection option makes it easier to edit videos. 
  • Its audio auto-ducking feature helps you to reduce the volume of the music.
  • It also helps to create videos with organic-looking and realistic effects.
  • Its integrated workflow makes the work easy and smooth.
  • It supports complex VR editing functions as well.


Artificial intelligence in video editing makes video editing easy and fast. AI video editing tools all you to provide special effects to your video however you want. There are lots of AI video editors but you must choose video editors according to your need.

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