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Benefits of QEHS Consultancy

Singapore is well known for its advancements and improved quality of life. Various government programs and consultancies are launched to enhance the quality and environment of the public. Talking about workplaces, safe, secure, and quality environments is an essential need for all. Integrated Management Systems are applied to enhance organizational processes. In Singapore, it is recommended to attain Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety (QEHS) Safety Consultancy for smoother workplace functioning. Wong Fong Academy Singapore can assist your business/company attain organizational goals. 

Let’s look into QEHS for a better understanding. 

What is QEHS?

QEHS stands for Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety. It is a management system that aids the organization in becoming aware of safer and quality products. The standards are issued by international authorities to regulate the organizational process for better performance and security. There are three main international standards for Quality Management Systems.

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

QMS focuses on achieving customer satisfaction by setting standards and regulatory requirements for product/service quality. Integration of a system that ensures maintaining a quality product/service can give you international recognition and strengthen your marketplace. It will assist in generating greater sales and regular customers. 

Applying Quality Management Systems will allow you to understand customers’ perceptions. It will improve your internal and external organizational communication and save time and resources. The company can identify the department’s responsibilities for combined efforts for success.  

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

EMS helps in providing a structured approach to environmental sustainability. With increasing global warming and power charges, the EMS helps utilize energy sources and carefully manage environmental issues for companies. Maintaining a stable environment is essential to control the quality of products and the needs of the staff/management. Your Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety (QEHS) Consultancy will help you better utilize natural resources, cut insurance costs, reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction. 

  • ISO 45001 Safety Management System

SMS helps identify and reduce operational injury risks and ensures a safer working environment. Its groundwork provides effective safety measures for protection. Through SMS implementation, you can reduce workplace accidents and insurance premiums. It will help provide a better working environment and gain the trust of your employees. 

Effective implementation of the combined ISO standards requires a thorough understanding of each management system. The combined ISO standards maximize benefits. QEHS has proven to be beneficial for various types of business. QEHS ensures the betterment of the staff, management, environment, and the company for operational excellence.  

 Why Should You Hire QEHS Consultant? 

QEHS can help you achieve organizational goals and help in better implementation of duties. Your business will observe continuous growth through its structured framework and increase employee morale. As we have discussed the three major international standards earlier, implementing them in a combination is no easy task. It requires a professional hand who can help in the successful implementation of QEHS. While you are already managing your business growth and sustainability, a Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety (QEHS) Consultancy can efficiently apply and manage the ISO to your company. 

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a QEHS Consultant.

Risk Assessment

A QEHS consultant will assess your workplace to identify gaps, risks, and flaws in your working environment. He will identify practices that are harmful to the well-being of your employees and might affect the quality of products. 

Plan of Action

After risk assessment, the QEHS consultant will guide you on the plan of action to effectively implement standards. You will not need time and effort to identify flaws and craft an implementation framework. 

What They Can Do, You Can’t

One of the significant reasons to hire a QEHS consultant is their knowledge and expertise. Their thorough understanding and experience can greatly improve your workplace operations. Their technical skills are good enough to transform and create positive workplace culture. 

Whom to Hire? 

Before hiring a consultant, it is crucial to look at prior experience and knowledge. Inquire about where they have mastered QEHS and his portfolio to understand his implication methods and experience in various industries. Ask about the services included when hiring him. 

If he has been trained through Wong Fong Academy Singapore, he is the right person for the job. Wong Fong Academy Singapore is known to excel in QEHS training. The consultant will be equipped with updated international standards and know-how to implement organizational goals effectively. 

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