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Certificate Attestation for the UAE – Before issuing a UAE visa, the UAE government requires that all educational certificates, whether professional or academic, coming from India be authenticated by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the UAE.

Instructions for Attesting Educational Documents in the UAE

Additionally, the Embassy serves as a notary public, attesting academic credentials, diplomas, marriage and birth certificates from India, powers of attorney, and other similar documents signed by Indian nationals in India and the United Arab Emirates. The original of the document to be attested must be brought to the consular officer along with a photocopy of it, and both must be signed. The consular officer will use the executant’s passport to confirm and confirm the executant’s/identity. For this, you must submit both the original and a photocopy of your passport. The assistance is provided immediately. Visit for Apostille certificate Attestation in uae

Before granting a UAE visa, the UAE government mandates that any educational certificates, whether professional or academic, originating in India must first be certified by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the UAE.

A photocopy of the certificate or document for attestation should be sent with it, along with a copy of the applicant’s passport. The authentic passport must be shown for approval and return. A written request explaining the purpose of the attestation must be submitted by private companies seeking document attestation.

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Note: Each candidate must prove their identity by displaying their original passport. (If a company is submitting, a request letter on company letterhead duly signed by the firm’s authorised signatory should be included.)

  1. Certificates issued by UAE-based entities
  • Certificates issued by UAE-based entities that are authenticated by the UAE M/o Foreign Affairs (Consular Section)
  • passport and document photocopies.
  1. Birth Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Original Certificate with photocopy, officially attested/authenticated by the involved state’s Home Department or General Administration. a photocopy of the page in the parent’s passport that contains the residence visa.
  1. Marriage Certificate 
  • Original certificate for marriage that has been legally attested or authenticated by the respective state’s Home Department (General Administration Branch).
  • a passport photocopy.
  1. Religion certificate
  • Religion Declaration-a properly filled-out declaration in the authorised form.
  • a photocopy of the applicant’s passport’s first five pages as well as the page containing their valid resident visa at the time.
  • The process for obtaining certificate attestation from the UAE Embassy
  • The method for attestation of certificates and papers in the UAE varies on the kind of documentation. The process for attesting certifications for the UAE is described in detail below. Consult for for legal translation service in dubai

How can I get the UAE Embassy to certify my documents?

Following MEA Attestation and State Authentication, all papers may be presented directly to the UAE Embassy for attestation. The UAE Embassy will refuse the relevant documents without prior validation. Additionally, nobody can present their documents for attestation in person; instead, they must go through an outside organisation.

What does the UAE require in terms of a degree certificate attestation?

A UAE degree certificate attestation is required for a variety of reasons, including seeking for a job, a designation advancement, a scholarship, writing a government exam, and admission to a public or private school or university.

How much does UAE degree attestation cost?

State-by-state variations exist in the pricing of degree certificate attestation for the UAE. There are no attestation fees assessed by the Ministry of External Affairs. The fees levied by the state authorities vary, nevertheless, and are entirely governed by their legislation. An outside agency must help because no one can submit a document for attestation directly to the Embassy. The UAE Embassy charges AED 150 for attestation plus the company’s service fee.

How long will it take to certify a degree certificate for the UAE?

The amount of time required for a degree certificate or any other document varies greatly. In the process of document correction known as attestation, different documents may require different amounts of time. It also depends on how long it takes for state HRD authentication to complete. While MEA typically attests a document in just one day, HRD and UAE Embassy attestation take longer. Check out for Degree certificate Attestation in Dubai.

What justifies a document’s need for translation and certification by the UAE Embassy?

All documents submitted in Arabic must be translated and handed to the UAE Embassy. The Embassy refuses to accept documents that are not translated. Therefore, it is advised that you translate all of the documents into Arabic.

After receiving degree authentication from the UAE Embassy, is MOFA attestation required?

Yes, all documents with foreign origin must undergo MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) certification after receiving attestation from the UAE Embassy. In the UAE, neither public nor private organisations will accept any documents without the MOFA Attestation.


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