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Are Bottom Eyelash Extensions Worth It? Find Out

Aman Mehra | The eyes are the essential parts of any glam makeup. Even if you go for a no-makeup-makeup look, your eyes need the most subtle makeup. But in most cases, no one puts significant importance on bottom eyelashes to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Now, to make that perfect, naturally mesmerizing eyes, you need lower eyelash extensions.

An extra set of bottom lash extensions is all you need to add that oomph factor to your everyday look. Perfectly lined up bottom lashes transform the entire facial structure. They are more natural and more effective than putting mascara. As a result, you won’t fear losing them in the water. Instead, they will brighten your eyes and won’t need retouching for a few weeks.

Why Should You Have Bottom Lashes?

In comparison to upper lashes, the bottom lashes are shorter and thinner. And so, the extensions for these lashes duplicate the same consistency. The added length of the bottom lashes can open up dull-looking eyes, making them look dramatic. The wow-factor works as they create a natural look without the cringe of fakeness.

Again, having lower eyelash extensions can diminish the effect of imbalance when paired with upper lashes to complete a makeup look. Furthermore, they can help to slim down the face by perfecting a more chiseled visage. Who wouldn’t want such an advantage? Isn’t it?

How to Put Bottom Lash Extensions?

The time required to apply lower lashes is generally less than it takes to put the upper lashes. It usually takes hardly half an hour, as no one needs to attach each eyelash’s extensions. The simple addition of only 40-50 lashes at the bottom row is enough to beautify the set. In addition, it is more convenient for the clients as they might want to get the appointment for a lesser time.

What Is The Longevity Of The Extensions?

Bottom lash extensions can remain as it is for up to 2 weeks or 14 days, maintaining the correct aftercare. Proper wash with eyelash cleansing shampoo can provide the boost to last them longer. However, bottom lashes tend to loosen and fall when shedding tears or rubbing the eyes. So, most lash artists prefer to re-apply the new extensions instead of filling them up for the gaps. Yet it is more convenient for the clients.

Can Anyone Have Bottom Lash Extensions?

Yes, anyone can go for bottom lash extensions, but it would suit people who want some volume on lower lashes. If you already have extensions for upper lashes, then bottom lash extensions will complement the full effect. Make sure to find an efficient lash artist who can thoroughly check what you need and apply accordingly.

Is It Comfortable To Wear Bottom Lash Extensions?

The correct application of bottom eyelashes will not pose any threat of discomfort. They would become part of your skin and won’t feel anything extra. Most people do their daily activities immediately after the appointment with no issue.

In case of any problem that might arise from adhesive, consult your technician, who can guide you to solve the problem. Your lashes must not make you feel any irritation anyway. If you’re thinking about having bottom eyelash extensions, then you might want to visit Lavish Lashes. You will get an extensive collection of various categories of natural finish lashes here.

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