Amorgos – The 25th Island of Greece

The stunning Cycladic Island is the 25th Island of Greece and has recently gained internet fame. No, not summer event bookings or Greek islands, but for the name of the island. You may have even watched the 1988 movie of the same name. The film, about a friendship between two free jumpers, has given the island a new lease on life. And if you have never been to Greece before, you should go!

Amorgos is The 25th Largest Island in Greece

Amorgos is a Greek island, located near the northern tip of the Naxos archipelago. The island has a history that dates back to ancient times and is home to a small monastery. The island is also home to a small foreign village called Lixouri. Its history is incredibly rich, and it is a popular diving destination. The island is home to a small population of around 350 people, who speak an ancient dialect of Greek.

It is The Capital of Rhodes

The most beautiful of the Cyclades is the Isle of Amorgos, and it is the capital of Rhodes. This island, which has a population of over 115,000, is made up of twelve quaint villages. Rhodes, which is home to the 13th-century Colossus, guards the port. Despite being a small island, Amorgos is a wonderful destination for history buffs and nature lovers.

It is an Uninhabited Island

It is an uninhabited island of Greece that lies in the Cyclades. It is located 6.2 km east of Milos and 2 km south of Kimolos and 15 kilometers southwest of Sifnos. It is covered by 18,146 hectares of land and has a population of just two people. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding islands from the top of Despotiko. You can also enjoy the beach on Despotiko.

It is Located in The Cyclades Archipelago

Amorgos is the 25th Island of Greece. The island’s name comes from the ancient Greek word “sus,” which means “uncertainty.” The reason this name is appropriate may be because of the lack of residents on the island, or it may simply be because of its location in the Aegean Sea, where a ship in calm waters could not tell if it had reached land or was still sailing. Although the island has about 80 permanent residents, its population rarely exceeds 100.

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It is a Popular Tourist Destination

A peninsula that was once an island, the 25th Island of Greece is now a peninsula and is easily navigable by boat. The island has an old temple that was ruined by the sea. Its residents refer to it as Argyros Monastery. The island has a rich cultural heritage and has some interesting towns to visit. Here are a few of the things you can do in the area.

It is an Uninhabited Island

The islands of Greece are dotted with stunning beauty. But only about 200 of these islands are inhabited, making them perfect uninhabited travel destinations. Keros, for example, is an uninhabited island located northwest of the town of Amorgos. Anciently called Keria, it is the site of several important archaeological sites, including the ruins of the Early Cycladic period. The island is accessible only by boat, and overnight stays are prohibited by the Archaeological Authority. Visit here?

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