A Way Out: All Endings Unlocked Guide

A Way Out has multiple endings and is narrative-focused. It’s still in debate. We will share all that we know about Leo’s and Vincent’s dual-branched stories in this guide. It is important to note that we are discussing endings. The final outcome is not what you want, so don’t go.

All Endings Unlocked In ‘A Way Out’

A Way Out’s ending is determined by how you finish the game’s last chapter, titled Conflict. After a momentary act of betrayal by one of their cooperative partners, Leo, the friendly players decide to turn on each other.

A Way Out

Vincent and Leo see a gun just as they are about to end a heated dispute. The ending tied with the character who shoots that final bullet is the one that you’ll see.

If Vincent survives, then you’ll hold hands one last time with Leo and announce the death to Linda & Alex. If Leo survives, Vincent’s letter will be left on Carol’s front door. The endings are similar but each scene will have slightly different lore. Both versions can be viewed in the video clip below.

Both endings are dependent on what happens in game’s final moments. This makes it easy to reload your save to view both without having the entire game replayed.

IS There A Third Ending In ‘A Way Out’?

We’re still searching every inch of A Way Out for evidence of a third ending, or one where Vincent and Leo are both alive. This seems to make sense, based upon our conversation with Josef Fares the game director late last year. Fares at the time didn’t consider A Way Out to be a product with tons replay value or multiple branching paths.

He expressed his desire for the story to be told in the most appropriate emotional contexts. It is possible that Vincent and Leo could live together in the end, but it would change the story so much that it doesn’t have the same emotional weight. An ending in which both Vincent and Leo live would be difficult to comprehend given the gravity of the betrayal.

It is possible there could be an additional ending that has yet to be discovered. These two endings, at this point, are the only ones that are available. A Way Out can be downloaded now for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Our guide will show you how to use the game’s free Friend Pass.What do you think A Way Out’s endings are? Is there a third ending? Please leave your comments in the section below! For More Article Follow Chopnews.com

Chapter Reload is a way to unlock both ends

Away Outis replayable and well worth the effort. It’s like a blockbuster crime movie, complete with twists, turns, great voice acting, and it never goes too far. For the less patient players, they don’t have the need to replay the entire game in order to view the alternative ending. You can quickly view Vincent’s or Leo’s endings by reloading the final chapter then playing through the sequence.

Ending Criteria

Near the end of game, players learn that Vincent had been an undercover police officer, using Leo in order to retrieve Black Orlov and bring justice for Gary. Gary was also undercover and was the seller in this potential sale. Leo holds Vincent hostage, and they have enough trouble to cause their car accidently to flip off a bridge.

Leo flees the scene on a boat with Vincent, who chases Vincent by helicopter. The two men end up running into each other in a warehouse which leads to a gunfight.

This is the The Way Out ending. It all depends on who survives. The person with the greatest damage is the one who will win. Leo and Vincent will have to be disarmed in the final sequence if they want to get to the gun. They will take out their former ally whoever reaches it first. A last sequence will display what happens after the altercation ends.

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