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A Student Accommodation New York with Everything You Want

As per the ranking in 2022, New York has been ranked at number one place among the global cities. This city of the most developed nation of the world, the USA, is a hub for many things. Business, jobs, education, travel, and there are many other aspects, for which New York can be ranked among the top positions. In fact, many people in the world mistake New York as the capital of the USA in place of the original capital Washington D.C.

Many students keep a dream to study in New York. A number of them who are serious about their dreams and have a good percentage in the class 12th exams take admission in this city. New York has more than a million students, which is the highest number in any city in the USA. As per the Academic Ranking of World Universities, on average, New York City comprises the best higher education institutes in any global city.

International students, who take admission in New York, need a place of accommodation. As a matter of the fact, this city boasts some wonderful student dorms. One of the popular places of accommodation for international students in New York is NY Harrington Housing which is located very near to New York University. This student property has facilities for the studies and leisure of students.

Some of the best features of NY Harrington Housing.

It Is near New York University

New York University

If you are a student of New York University then it is the best place of accommodation for you. You can reach the university from here within just 8 minutes on foot. If you choose to go by driving, you can reach there within 4 minutes.

It Has Well-Equipped Apartments

This place of student accommodation New York has well-equipped apartments with a number of facilities. It has four types of apartments for students, which include Home Office, Master Room & Ensuite Bath, Flex Plus, and Deluxe Room.

In the apartments, residents find the virtual assistant Alexa for different tasks. To facilitate studying in a health-friendly posture, study tables and chairs have been provided to the academics in all the apartments of this property. Moreover, there is a wardrobe where students can keep their clothes and other assets fully organized.

Besides, there are also kitchens in the apartments where residents find all the dining features. In the kitchens, there are cooking hobs, microwaves, and fridges for cooking, cold storage, freezing ice, etc.

Residents Get a 55” Smart TV

Television Room

Students also get a 55” Smart TV in the apartments. For the complete arrangements of entertainment of students in apartments, OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime Video are available. Besides, residents can also watch regular cable TV programs.

Internet Connection Is Also Available

The internet is also a necessary asset in the lives of present-day people. Online shopping, communication, entertainment, bill payments, and a lot of other tasks are accomplished through the internet in the present scenario.

For students, it is more necessary and useful. Many universities and colleges today offer some of their lectures online, which makes the internet essential for students. Besides, it is also helpful for the completion of projects and assignments. Watching video tutorials, reading text messages, and sending and receiving course material through WhatsApp, email, etc. are some other usages of the internet for students.

Therefore, a Wi-Fi internet connection is available in all the units of Harrington student accommodation New York.

There Are Amazing Leisure Facilities in the Complex

swimming pool

It is known to everyone that taking dips in the swimming pool and spending some time on the pool deck is liked by many youngsters today. Moreover, swimming also has some amazing health benefits. For all this, residents get a swimming pool in the complex.

Besides, this property also has a games room. Pool, billiards, and some other games can be enjoyed in this room.

Harrington Housing also takes care of the fitness of students. For this purpose, there is a gym available in the complex of this property. The gym is fully equipped with exercise equipment designed as per modern technologies.

Students and Their Belongings Are Fully Safe at This Property

The security of students and their belongings at this property is fully taken care of in Harrington. The security staff monitors the activities in the complex through the CCTV cameras. Therefore, no suspicious person can escape from here and it is very difficult to perform any unwanted activity in the complex. Besides, a secure door entry is also provided to students for the safety of their belongings.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, you will find many other brilliant features if you choose to stay in NY Harrington Housing.


Myself Henry Thomas living in New York and studying in the University of Texax, New York. I loves to travel and write blogs of my adventure.

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