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6 Things You Need To Know about Global Hair Colour

What is the Global hair Colour?

Hair colour changes the personality of people. You look beautiful, fresh, and young if you apply a suitable colour to your hair. You can get your hair colour in solon and do it at home. It takes 2-3 hours to give a proper hair colour. The cost of hair colour may be different according to the hair colour brand, and the cost of colour applying may also be different depending on your hair length and Solon which you choose.

In Global Hair Colour, you get the same colour from root to tip of the hair. You can also get Global colour from solon and do it from home from a ready-made colour box. But you need to know some basic things before applying the hair colour.

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6 things you need to know about Global Hair Colour

Everyone wants to look beautiful. People do a lot of struggle to maintain their beauty, like hair colour, hair rebonding, skin facial, and many more. But if you boost your beauty by colouring your hair, you do not ignore some basic things before getting your hair colour.

Use Suitable colour

You can get every wanted colour, but some are suitable for your personality depending on your skin and eye colour. If you have pink skin colour, do not use warmth in your hair colour. But if you have light brown skin, a warm colour tone is best for you. The gold colour tone is best for those who have olive skin tone. You can apply a warm colour shade with white skin colour.

Test for hair colour

Some hair colours have high chemicals and can irritate sensitive skin. Do not apply hair colour without any medical test. Furthermore, avoid using hair colour if you have a skin allergy. Because chemicals that are present in hair colour can irritate the skin.

Important instructions to follow for colouring hair

  • Applying oil before getting hair colour
  • Do not shampoo hair  before and after applying hair colour for one  day
  • Use conditioner on hair after getting hair colour
  • Use the best shampoo that recommended for colouring hair
  • Avoid applying colour, if you have excessive dandruff
  • Consult a dermatologist for colouring hair
  • Do not apply, if you have hair falling problems

Side effects of Global hair colour

Global hair colour can leave some side effects on your hair like Hair fall, Hair damage, Dry hair, Allergic reaction, Weakened roots

How you can protect hair from hair damage

When you want to get colouring hair,  you need extra care for healthy and strong hair. Otherwise, you may lose your hair colour with losing hair. So,

  • Protect hair from direct sunligh
  • Protect hair from seawater and chlorine
  • Use hair serum regularly
  • Use a heat protectant before styling

Cost of hair colour

Global hair colour cost depends on the hair length, Salon, and colour brand. So the hair colour cost is not fixed.

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