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Having a baby is the most blissful feeling ever a parent can have, and watching them grow elder witnessing their first voice to the first walk to their first run and also ordering the beautiful best clothing for them from little dolly The best kidswear manufacturer in Indore.

Witnessing those innocent eyes looking up at you, to pick them up in their hands, and they can lay down on your shoulder for a little nap and roam around, at that time those tiny little hands covered with the beautiful clothes coming out to hold your finger. Watching them, give you a beautiful smile and that smile makes your day! 

Creating a bunch of memories with them, but once they grow old you show them those beautiful photos and memories of moments in their beautiful clothes bought from littledolly the top kid’s wear manufacturer in India. Now you must be wondering, what you can do with those old baby clothes. which you’ve watched your child grow and they are very special for you, which created a bunch of memories for you and your beloved child,

So there are a few best ways to deal with your old baby clothes:-

  • Save the most special pieces from the closet:- Choose just 10-15 items from their closet bought from little dolly that are antiques, hold special memories, or you’d like to see 20 years from now as they enter the toddler years. Put them inside a strong bin, and before putting them away, write a note to your child that they can read as an adult when they will open it. As goofy as it may seem so, these items will be fondly remembered by your children when they become parents themselves, and you’ll be able to share beautiful memories and moments spent with the men while they’re still memorable.


  • Passing it to another child:- If the clothes are in a good condition and not stained and also don’t have as much of special memories for the child, then you can pass them on to your next child or to their little cousins.


  • Donate it to the needy:- If you a numerous clothes for your girl child which you bought from littiledolly but your child has grown so fast that those clothes are only used once or never been utilised, then you can donate them to the needy so that people who can’t afford clothes will get beautiful closet from littiledolly which they dreamt of for their child.
  • Reuse:- If the clothes of your babies are not in a good condition or got torn off, which isn’t good enough to save as memory, stained much that can’t be passed on to another child and even can’t be donated. So, they can be used as a cleaning cloth in your household.
  • Get into Creativity:-  You can save the special clothes ordered from littiledolly and place the photo of that moment which you captured earlier and create a craft art out of them in case, if you love to do creative stuff, you can then place that beautifully crafted art on the wall, which will tell a bunch of memories in a single art, and will remind refresh your child’s childhood moments and memories.
  • Get Recycled:- 80 per cent of garments can be recycled and repurposed into new clothes. You can get into contact with people who collect old clothes and want to recycle or reuse them. Recycling is a great way to put old clothes to good use while also being environmentally friendly and contributing to the environment towards a better future for your child.

These are some of the best 6 ways for dealing with old baby clothes.

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