52 Skills for Making Money in Less Than a Year.

Learning a new business skill is a great opportunity to break into a field, increase your employability, or advance in your present profession while earning more money and responsibilities. However, the idea of spending years in a classroom can be overwhelming given employment, family, and other responsibilities. Thankfully, you don’t need to. Many in-demand abilities can be learned in less than a year, some in as little as a few weeks or months.

The potential pay raises that could result from adding new skills to your resume are varied, but the more skill you can offer a potential employer, the better advantage you’ll have over other applicants, the more valuable you’ll be in your field, and the more leverage you’ll have when negotiating your wage or salary.

1. Ten-Key and Touch Typing

Learning touch-typing or 10-key can increase productivity and improve accuracy while creating documents, both of which are abilities that many employers view as substantial strengths. Data entry, administrative, and writing occupations all require typing. The cost of developing your typing abilities might range from free self-study practice to several hundred-dollar courses. For instance, the online learning marketplace Udemy provides a number of typing courses priced between $10.99 and $199 to help you improve your typing speed in only a few days.

Occupations like cashier and comparable positions, in addition to data entry jobs, often call for 10 key talents.

2. Programming for computers

For entry-level positions in information technology, such as those involving website or software development and database management, you don’t need a four-year degree in computer science. Instead, you can study the fundamentals of computer programming. In four months, obtain a certificate in computer programming languages from Penn Foster Career School, and master programming techniques as well as JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Access. Costs for the course range from $499 to $589.

3. Speaking in Public

Learning strong communication skills can advance your career, particularly if you’re looking for leadership or motivational speaking positions. Online, at community colleges, and at adult continuing education facilities are all places where public speaking courses are offered. For $595, The Leader’s Institute, an online training organisation, offers a five-part online public speaking course.

4. Certification for the Microsoft Office Suite

A certification for the Microsoft Office Suite denotes competence in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This is ideal if you’re looking for careers like administrative or research positions that require you to create documents and spreadsheets. Go at your own speed with free online tutorials, or register for a class at an adult continuing education facility. For instance, four-week Microsoft Word and Excel seminars at Chesapeake Public Schools in Chesapeake, Virginia, start at $71 for residents and $137 for nonresidents.

5. Certification for Google Analytics

If you’re looking for entry-level jobs in digital marketing or advertising, or if you already work in the field and want to sharpen your data collection and analysis abilities, Google Analytics Academy for Beginners is a wise choice. If you’re transitioning from a non-digital function, like print marketing, to a digital role, like website marketing, it can be very helpful. Google Analytics Academy offers free online training. You can study for the Analytics Individual Qualification certification test for free, and the courses you take can be finished in four to six hours.

6. Certification for Google Ads

A helpful resource for digital professionals is becoming certified in Google Ads, particularly if you’re interested in search engine marketing and related web marketing or advertising professions. You can enrol in Google’s Academy for Ads and go at your own pace through any of the hundreds of free training videos, which range in length from five minutes to more than an hour. Google Ads certification, search marketing, dynamic search, and Ads display certification are among the courses offered.

7. First Aid or CPR certification

Being certified in CPR or first aid gives you life-saving abilities that are useful in a range of occupations, from work as a flight attendant or lifeguard to child care and child care labour. CPR instruction typically lasts one to three hours and costs between $25 for local classes and $65 to $115 for American Red Cross courses in the Los Angeles region.

8. Operating a vehicle for delivery, taxi, or ride-sharing services

Since many employers merely need a valid state driver’s licence and a clean driving record, being a noncommercial driver typically doesn’t require any formal training. Opportunities include working as a driver for an organisation like Uber or Lyft, making deliveries, or driving for hire.

Some businesses demand that you pass a one-day training session before you can apply to be a taxi driver. The NYC Cab Drivers Training Center in Manhattan charges $175, however the pricing of nearby courses may be different for you.

9. Using a Commercial Driver’s License While Driving

Many commercial transport businesses permit new workers to begin their driving hours as soon as they complete their training, even though operating a commercial vehicle requires training and a commercial driving licence. Commercial drivers are employed by companies that offer local and long-distance delivery services, retail stores, and gasoline shipping companies. Both classroom education and practical training are part of the programme. According to truck driving industry resource, standard truck training should take one to two months to complete and cost between $3,000 and $7,000.

10. Another Language

Not only can learning a second language help you build relationships with non-English speaking clients, but it can also help you stand out as a candidate for positions that require international travel, such as sales and business development, training, and guiding tours. Employers looking for bilingual workers may also hire you for call centre employment, telephone or internet sales positions, or customer service positions. Attend classes in American Sign Language or a foreign language at a community college or online. For instance, the University of Wisconsin-Madison charges $750 for its six-month online Business Spanish Certificate Program.

11. Veterinary aid

You can take care of animals in a veterinarian clinic or animal hospital with the training you obtain to be a veterinary assistant. You’ll be supervised by a veterinarian while working. Coursework is combined with practical training during an externship. For instance, the NAVTA-Approved Veterinary Assistant Training programme at Penn Foster Career School lasts around seven months and starts at $759.

12. Business ventures

If you want to launch your own company, investing in an entrepreneurship certificate is worthwhile. You will gain knowledge on how to successfully manage a firm, deal with company funds, write a business strategy, and advertise a company. For instance, Grantham University offers an 18-credit, eight-month online certificate programme in practical entrepreneurship for $295 per credit hour. Financial aid and scholarships are offered.

13. Management of Human Resources

If you work in HR and want to advance to a management position, a certificate programme in human resources management is a potent tool. You’ll pick up a range of abilities, including hiring talent and managing a workforce. Villanova University, a provider of online certificate programmes, charges $2,495 for its 12-week online Certificate in HR Management course.

14. Online Marketing

To increase traffic to their websites, businesses with websites frequently require individuals with experience in online marketing. You can land a career in digital marketing by developing your online marketing talents. When starting your own business, having knowledge of online marketing is very advantageous. For $10.99, Udemy offers a 30-day Online Marketing Crash Course that covers topics including social media, blogging, and the fundamentals of online marketing. eCornell, which provides a two-month, $3,600 Digital Marketing Certificate Program, is another choice for online education.

15. Sales of real estate

If you want to change careers without returning to school, real estate sales may be the best option. As a property manager, land developer, residential or commercial real estate broker, real estate advisor, or property manager, you can use this talent. According to, becoming an agent will cost between $200 and $300 for the prelicensing course and between $100 and $300 for the licencing exam. The training might be finished in a matter of weeks or months. State-specific course hour minimums range from 60 to 135 hours.

16. Sales of insurance

Opportunities in insurance sales include positions with auto, life, health, and home insurance providers, but the ability to sell insurance can also be useful in other fields such as real estate, personal financial counselling, and insurance underwriting. A lot of insurance companies offer on-the-job training, where you follow a seasoned agent. You will often need to obtain a licence from your state. For instance, the prelicensing training for property and casualty insurance offered by A.D. Banker and Company in Virginia may cost between $129.95 and $226.85.

17. Handling a firearm

Finding employment as an armed security guard, border patrol agent, correctional officer, bodyguard, or law enforcement officer may be aided by learning basic gun handling techniques. Classes encompass weapon handling and shooting techniques for a variety of firearm types, as well as safety and maintenance, legal requirements, and other topics. A nine-hour, $125 introductory shooting training is offered by the NRA.

18. Yoga Instruction

Developing your yoga teaching abilities can help you obtain employment as a private fitness instructor, a yoga instructor at fitness facilities, or both. Additionally, it can support preparation for a job in physical education. According to YogaFit Yoga Alliance and the American Council on Exercise, certification takes between three and six months and 200 to 500 hours. Depending on whether you want to enrol in a school or a distance learning programme, training costs somewhere from $500 and $5,000.

19. Coaching Sports

Finding a coaching position at a private or public school, a camp, a local or state recreation programme, or a private sporting group might be aided by learning coaching techniques. A coaching certificate can be completed in various amounts of time. For instance, the $197 self-paced online coaching credential programme offered by the American Coaching Academy can be finished in two to five days.

20. Notary Public

Important documents including mortgage closing documents and legal affidavits are signed in front of a notary public who witnesses and documents the signing. Real estate firms, banks, and law offices also employ or use notaries, in addition to notary public service providers like shipping service retail stores. You must pass a notary exam recognised by your state after completing a three to six-hour notary public course. A six-hour online course in California costs $179. Some companies pay for or refund this expense.

21. Cooking

Developing your talents might assist prep cooks and line cooks find higher-paying employment or open the door to beginning their own cooking or catering businesses. Fortunately, taking a culinary class doesn’t require much effort or money. For instance, you can finish Penn Foster’s Gourmet Cooking Certificate programme in three months for a starting price of $639.

22. Bartending

Working at a bar, restaurant, or private party can help you make extra money if you know how to manage a bar. A 40-hour bartending or mixology course can be finished in one, two, or five weeks. The average cost of bartending training programmes ranges between $200 and $400.

23. Understanding what you read

You may read more quickly and remember more information by strengthening your reading comprehension abilities. This ability is useful for practically any career and is especially advantageous to educators, historians, and editors. Online or at adult continuing education centres, classes are offered. For instance, Universal Class offers Reading Comprehension 101, which costs between $50 and $75 and takes approximately 10 hours to finish.

24. Bookkeeping or Budgeting

You can learn how to manage a company’s financial records by taking a basic bookkeeping course. In a wide range of fields, including healthcare, government, private industry, and retail, bookkeepers are employed. The cost of the five-month, online bookkeeping programme at Penn Foster is $699.

25. Photography art

With photography, you can discover options in photojournalist, studio, or commercial photography and develop your creative side. A degree isn’t always necessary to become a photographer. For instance, the New York Institute of Photography offers online courses that can be finished in six to twelve months for a tuition fee of $499 to $799.

26. Mathematics

If you’re seeking for work as a banker, financial advisor, economist, or scientist, a math certificate from a college or university’s continuing education programme can boost your employment prospects. A math certificate can be obtained in two semesters, with different costs depending on the college or university.

27. Project Management

Project managers supervise several projects from beginning to end. According to the Project Management Institute, certification can boost your compensation by up to 23% and is valuable in a variety of sectors, including healthcare and information technology. The Project Management Professional online course from Udemy costs $199.99 and takes roughly 35 hours to finish.

28. Investment and portfolio management

If you work in or want to pursue a profession in investment, banking, finance, or financial advice, improving your investing abilities would be beneficial. You can learn more about commodities, futures, stocks, bonds, and other types of investments by taking courses. It costs nothing to sign up for and takes about four months to complete Coursera’s online Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization course through Rice University.

29. Clothing design, dressmaking, and tailoring

Your dressmaking and tailoring abilities can help you land a job with a custom clothing designer or help you make money online by doing alterations. Although formal education is not necessary to acquire this ability, you can earn as little as $689 by completing Penn Foster’s online Dressmaking and Design Program in roughly seven months.

30. Bargaining and Negotiating

Several businesses, including customer service, sales, and tourism, could benefit from better negotiation techniques. Gaining proficiency in negotiation and bargaining enables you to close more agreements and advances your professional achievement. A number of courses are offered to help you develop your bargaining abilities, including the two-month, $1,200 Negotiation and Influence online certification course from Emeritus Institute of Management.

31. Education

Obtaining a teaching certificate might advance your career if you are skilled in history, English, science, or math. For those with a bachelor’s degree already, certain schools and universities have accelerated teacher certification programmes. For instance, Old Dominion University offers its Career Switcher teaching programme, which runs for 15 weeks in the fall and spring and seven weeks over the summer. The cost of tuition is $500 – $4,600.

32. Welding

Construction, infrastructure, transportation, and the maritime industries all use welders. While you don’t need a degree from a university or college to become a welder, you will need to enrol in a welding or vocational school. The cost of instruction ranges from $150 every session to $2,275 per course, and you can finish it in eight to twelve months.

33. Operating Heavy Equipment

The ability to operate heavy machinery can improve your career prospects if you’re a skilled labourer. For instance, the National Center for Construction Education and Research Operator Certificate Programs at the AIS Training Center are six to ten weeks long and cost between $6,000 and $10,000. Both classroom and hands-on education are part of the training process.

34. Video production and editing

Learning video editing and production will help you find entry-level employment in television and video editing, as well as chances with marketing and promotional businesses. Program lengths and training expenses vary. For instance, the New York Film Academy charges $3,647 plus equipment costs for their 12-week digital seminars.

35. Professional and Basic Writing

Excellent writing abilities are necessary for creating emails and memos whether you work in healthcare, administration, or business. You can practise these abilities for little or no money by taking online writing courses. For instance, the $10.99 Becoming a Writer course on Udemy will help you develop your writing abilities in just a few minutes per day.

36. Singing

Lessons can help you sing better whether you’re an amateur or an intermediate vocalist. They may also help you get acting or singing jobs on the side. Schedule private singing lessons at your convenience; hourly rates for sessions range from roughly $25 to $60.

37. Basic Construction Skills and Carpentry

Learning particular carpentry skills can help you get into the home remodelling or handyman industries if you have experience in construction. Learn about flooring, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, and other popular carpentry trades. With a starting price of $599 and a five-month completion period, Penn Foster provides an online carpentry training programme.

38. Reading blueprints

If you have experience in construction or are considering a career in engineering, learning how to read blueprints may open up more prospects for you. Attending a workshop on reading blueprints might help you hone your abilities and stay one step ahead of the competition. Zack Academy, a reputable training provider, charges $595 for 32 hours of instruction and a certificate of accomplishment.

39. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

A certificate in ESL might help you work with students whose first language is not English. Through public or private schools and learning centres, opportunities exist to teach English and offer online tutoring services. The cost of completing the 140-hour TESOL Core Certificate Program ranges from $775 to $2,170.

40. Interpretation

In both public and private schools, courts, hospitals, and conference venues, translators are employed. If you already speak and write in another language, becoming a translator can be a fantastic option. Language translation courses can last anywhere from two to four months and cost anything from $200 to $1,500.

42. Transcribing

Your ability to listen to an audio recording and type what you hear can help you obtain work in the legal, financial, and medical industries. For $699, you can enrol in online courses from the Transcription Certification Institute that can be finished in 21 to 90 days.

42. Creating Links

Link-building tactics that work improve website traffic. Link-building professionals work with web development firms, internet marketing agencies, and any other organisations trying to increase traffic to their websites and improve their search engine rankings. Proven SEO and Link-Building Tactics is a seven-hour course available on Udemy for $10.99.

43. Computer Skills for Mac or PC

No matter where you work, having computer operating system knowledge is useful. Since practically every sector uses spreadsheets, papers, the internet, email, and other apps on a daily basis, being able to use a PC and a Mac is advantageous. Thousands of courses, including instruction for Windows and Mac computers, are available on One to three hours are spent on each course; but, with a monthly subscription that costs between $24.99 and $29.99, you can learn as much as you like.

44. Data Analysis

Many industries, including travel, energy, finance, education, and health, employ data analytics to find patterns and trends they can use to expand their operations. online education facility For $3,950, General Assembly offers a 10-week, part-time Data Analytics course as well as an accelerated one-week course. You might be qualified to get credit for an online graduate degree after passing the course.

45. Certification as a Nursing Assistant

In nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions, certified nursing assistants carry out a number of activities, such as helping patients with feeding, dressing, and washing. Depending on how many training hours are required by your state, being a CNA can take two to twelve weeks and cost between $500 and $1,200.

46. Certification as an emergency medical technician

You must first pass a fundamental emergency medical technician training in order to become an EMT. To provide prehospital care in emergency situations, EMTs collaborate with hospitals and emergency rooms. Depending on whether you enrol in a full- or part-time programme, a basic EMT training can be completed in three to 11 weeks for a cost of roughly $650.

47. Hairstyling and cosmetology

A beauty degree will equip you to work in salons and barbershops if you’re considering a career in cosmetology. Although programme lengths vary, they are usually completed in less than a year. For instance, the 48-week undergraduate cosmetology certificate programme at Palace Beauty College costs $11,285 in tuition and fees, plus $1,615 for books and supplies. Financial assistance is offered.

48. Massage Therapy

Opportunities at chiropractic offices, wellness centres, spas, hotels, and massage clinics can be obtained through massage therapy training. You need to graduate from an approved programme and be certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Before becoming certified, several jurisdictions need 500–600 hours of massage training, with fees ranging from $6,000–$10,000.

49. Support for Physical Therapy

Enrolling in a course to become a physical therapist will allow you to work as a physical therapy assistant under the direction of one. If you enrol in Penn Foster’s programme, you can become a physical therapy assistant in just one month. There are no qualification requirements or prerequisites, and the cost is $569.

50. Assistance in Physical Therapy

You can find employment as a physical therapy assistant under the supervision of a physical therapist by enrolling in a course to become one. You can enrol in Penn Foster’s programme and finish your training in a month to become a physical therapy assistant. There are no prerequisites or certification requirements, and tuition is $569.

51. OSHA 30 Certification

If you work in the construction sector, OSHA 30 safety education training is a significant addition to your resume. Although not all employers require certification, many see it as a plus because it shows knowledge of workplace health risks and safety precautions. This 30-hour course costs $99 and can be completed at your own leisure.

52. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can succeed as a marketing professional and access chances in digital marketing and website development by being an expert in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. With an understanding of SEO, you may create effective internet marketing campaigns and create website content for a variety of sectors. The ClickMinded SEO certification costs $497 and takes three to six hours to complete.

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