5 Things Consumers Need to Know about E-Gift Cards

The term “E-gift cards”, may also be referred to as “digital gift cards”, “mobile gift cards” or “virtual gift cards”. All refer to gift codes that are sent via social media, email, text message, apps for smartphones, and other forms of technology. While this innovative way of gifting is all the rage this holiday season, very few people have yet to send or used digital gift cards. However, that is about to change.

People are also likely to use digital gifts as mobile payment transactions become more common.

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So what warning signs should these newbies look out for when switching from real to virtual cards? In order for customers to have a positive experience with online E-gift cards product, here are five things they need to know.

1. Timing is everything

While e-gift cards make great gifts for last-minute occasions, I recommend allowing at least an hour to wait until you absolutely need them before placing your order. You should allow enough time to resolve any unforeseen issues, as gift card issuers will need to approve the transaction, go through fraud screening procedures, and complete electronic delivery.

2. The Right Address is Critical

The eGift Card Issuer’s obligation is fulfilled when digital delivery is successful, regardless of whether you have entered the correct contact details. Correct address is essential.

The company that sent me the gift kindly changed the address and forwarded it to me, but they didn’t have to. I would probably lose the full amount I paid for the purchase if someone else opened the altered email and redeemed the gift card.

TIP: Re-verify your email address. When purchasing an E-gift card, please ensure that all contact details entered, including your own, are correct. When sending virtual gifts, treat them with the same care as when sending cash via bank transfer or electronic payment .

3. You may need to follow up

A successful delivery means that the technology worked – the email was delivered, the text message was received, the Facebook post was shared, etc. Just because the gift was successfully delivered does not mean that the recipient actually saw or received it.

I contacted the company that issued the gift and they informed me that he can access it via email on his computer. He searched his spam and junk folders and refreshed his inbox several times, but still no gift.

4. Some eGifts Only Work Online

Some E-Gifts can only be used online Despite the fact that many eGift cards can be used in stores, some businesses only allow E-Gift cards to be used for online purchases. This kind of requirement should be clearly stated on the website of the restaurant or shop. For example, Visa electronic gift cards can only be used online.

TIP: Make sure the internet is usable. Make sure you know where you can use the E-Gift Card before you buy it. Consider providing an amount to cover any shipping costs if the claim is only available online. The recipient should be able to simply show an electronic version of the code, such as an email, screenshot, or screen shot of the gift card application, or be able to print out the email they received at home and present it to the cashier.

5. Lost eGift Cards are Not Lost

Physical gift cards can be purchased virtually anonymously and are difficult to replace if lost. Lost electronic gift cards are not lost. However, electronic gift cards are different. Usually, these cards are ordered online, where the buyer enters their email address. Credit card number, physical address, and possibly a phone number before paying. The recipient who likely needs to use the code in some way will also provide their contact information. If the recipient is unable to find the initial notification,. E-gift cards can be easily traced and exchanged thanks to all these identifiers.

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