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5 Pillars of UI UX Designing a Compelling Landing Page

UI UX designing for Landing pages is one of the most important things. Landing pages are your one-page website that allure your customers to perform an action you want your customers to do on your site. It is one of the significant marketing tools, a primary source of conversions, and is termed a money page or squeeze page.

The landing pages are designed to eliminate the distraction elements, offer the best user experience, and contain a call to action button.

In this article, let’s discuss important aspects of designing a perfect landing page.

How to kill two birds with one stone with your Landing Page?

Your landing page must offer a solution to your customers (to give the solution to their problem) and business (to let users buy from you). Here are the important elements to create an ideal landing page.

● Simplicity:

Your user interface must be visually simple with a minimal design that brings more customers to your business. Visually simple means the design has more whitespaces, making key features and call to action visible to your customers.

● Image/Video:

Adding a clear video or image to your landing page makes your work easier as it tells about your business and the product you offer and connects with your visitors. As per 71% of marketers, video performs much better than the image as it can better explain your product or services.

● Design:

Look for a responsive design as it gives the same feel to mobile devices as a full-screen layout. As people prefer to buy using their mobile devices, you must offer them a seamless experience. Thus, it is better to focus on developing mobile, tablet, and laptop-friendly designs.

● Color Pallet:

Color plays a major role in how we act and perform actions. Choose an appropriate color that improves the app interface and persuades users to buy from you. Look for experienced developers that offer UI UX designing and development services to understand the symbols, highs, and lows of color pallets and more.

● Text:

Your test must be precise and crip that delivers your message to your customers. While focusing on content, the headline must be the first preference as it is the first thing your visitors see when they click on the landing page. Thus, your content must engage your users; otherwise, you will lose their interest.

● CTA:

It is an important element of a landing page, so use various images or clues that point towards the CTA and go for bright colors with natural phrases.

Ergo, develop a landing page by hiring web design services from a company that has experience creating pages in your business segment.

Wrapping up:

A landing page is crucial for a business as it will decide business sales. Your landing page can convert your visitors into buyers. If you are a business owner, this checklist will help you choose the web design company and develop a perfect landing page for your business.

Author Bio: Sam Josh is a professional technical writer in Zenesys since 2011. He loves learning new technology and writing it down on paper. Apart from writing skills, he also likes web designing. His clients know him for creative writing and designing.


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