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5 Murano Patio Sofa Sets That Make A Statement

Patio or deck decor and design can be tricky work, especially if you’re looking to create a space that makes a statement. There’s a thin line between an aesthetically pleasing space vs. a patio space that is overcrowded, overwhelming, and filled to the brim.

To create a patio or outdoor sitting area that is functional, aesthetic, and timeless, you need to invest in some of the most beautiful sofa sets if you’re looking to make a statement. Here are some must-have Murano sofa sets that you definitely need to get your hands on:

1. Murano Outdoor Patio Modular Sectional Loveseat Chat Set

This gorgeous outdoor patio set comes with a modular sectional loveseat and a table, giving you a cozy hotel vibe. It’s perfect for hosting or if you have a big family and need more sitting area, or you just want a cozy, spacious outdoor sofa.

The set is designed at an L-angle, which creates an open nook for you to set up a cozy sitting area outside. The sofas, which have open ends on both sides, are placed at an angle that allows them to stay connected to one another, so you have a lot more lounging space without crowding everyone in. The set also includes a beautiful teak table so you can serve drinks and snacks, place books and games, and even rest your feet if you’d like.

2. Murano Outdoor Patio Modular Sectional L-Shaped Sofa

This modular sectional L-shaped sofa is another must-have for your patio. The sofa is an L-shaped sectional that comes with two corner seats that offer you a cozy, closed-in effect, which makes for a great hangout spot for you and your family. The armrests on either end make it easy to fit people in and relax and lean against for added support, while the cushions add a pop of color. You can pair this sofa with a cozy rug for more comfort, as well as your favorite patio table to make it even dreamier. It’s the perfect sofa for parties and family nights on the patio.

A teak end table placed between two middle chairs

3. Murano Outdoor Patio Extended Modular Sectional Sofa 

Another beautiful addition to your home is this extended modular sectional sofa, which is perfect for those who prefer a simple, yet spacious outdoor seating option. You get a 4-seater with an armrest on either side, giving you a comfortable sofa space to hang out on. It’s a great option for small gatherings and works well as seating for different outdoor entertainment options too, including movie nights, game nights, and more. It’s a definite must-have!

4. Murano Outdoor Patio Modular Sectional Lounge Chair Chat Set

This set of standalone lounge chairs is just what you need if you’re on a budget, have limited space, or want a minimalist, space-saving addition to your patio. These lounge chairs are incredibly comfortable and can be moved around and set in different ways, including together or apart. The set also includes a teak corner table, giving you the illusion of a complete patio sitting area without bulky pieces taking up valuable space.

5. Murano Outdoor Patio Modular Sectional Loveseat Set with Ottoman

This set has to be one of the most well-loved options PatioHQ has to offer. It’s the ultimate patio sofa set for large families or homeowners who want a spacious outdoor sofa. It comes with a multi-seater sectional with open sides, allowing you to lie down, squeeze in, or move the modular loveseats around as per your needs, and it has an additional ottoman too. It’s perfect for when you want to kick back and relax after a long day and need a cozy place to settle into.

PatioHQ has some of the most beautifully designed sofa sets and patio furniture for your home. You can shop for various styles and designs, including their collection, Murano, which features some dreamy designs such as these sofa sets and other furniture items.

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Karissa H. is a professional decorator with a knack for high-quality furniture and sustainably designed decor items. She loves working on spaces based on emotions and feelings and tries to create spaces that people want to spend their time in.

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