5 Most Useful Google Reviews Plugins For WordPress for 2023

Google Reviews are authentic and legit social proof of any product/service or website; thus, these Google Reviews are very important in order to build and sustain a brand’s reputation online.

Some of the highly anticipated and useful Google Review Plugins for WordPress for the coming year 2023 is currently on the internet’s most-dwelling topics. Website developers and marketers are quite intrigued and interested in knowing the most useful Plugins that help in embedding Google reviews widgets on WordPress websites.

Having discussed the trending hot topic over the internet spectrum, let us further deliberate and discuss some multi-feature Plugins for Google Reviews on WordPress.

Some Best Google Reviews Plugins for WordPress in 2023:-

Here are some handpicked and some of the most popular Google Reviews plugins that will enable the reader to curate – collect and showcase the Google Reviews on the WordPress website.

a). Google Reviews Plugin by Tagembed

Google reviews Plugin by Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the most popular and highly regarded social media aggregator tools. The tool is compatible with various social media platforms and has a friendly user interface. Tagembed has now poured its expertise into WordPress plugins. The reader can easily locate the Tagembed Google Reviews WordPress plugin on the WP store and further has to install it.

The plugin enables the users to collect social feeds from desired social media platforms and later helps in customization and adjustments as per requirements with convenience. The plugin also helps to curate and collect Google Reviews from the user’s Google My Business account and then further lets the user showcase and put up these reviews by the process of embedding the Google reviews widget on the WordPress website. 

An additional feature of the plugin is that it comes with a handy moderation and profanity checker in order to put forth the best and most suitable reviews. The price stand of the plugin is also an additional advantage, and this is very affordable and feasible for both big and small website developers.

b). WP Google Review  Slider

WP Google Review Slider

The next on our list is the WordPress Google Review Slider. This plugin helps the user to display the desired Google Review on their WP website. Also, as the name suggests, the plugin enables the user to display the Google Reviews on sliders anywhere on the website. These sliders are very similar to the image sliders that can be placed anywhere on the page i.e., the header or the footer, as per the designer’s discretion. This adds to the advantage offered by this plugin as the viewer will be hooked to the page as the website does not follow the rudimentary and basic format of all other websites on the internet.

The plugin also enables the user to screen and proofread and segregate among all the GR and present the best, most suitable, and relevant onto the webpage. Along with this the user can also display the rating in stars and add text to enhance the quality of the review which is to be published.

c). Everest GPlaces Business Reviews

Everest GPlaces Business Reviews

The plugin for embedding  Google Reviews by Everest is yet another very efficient tool for WordPress websites. The plugin works with the shortcode and enables the user to display the desired reviews with the help of these widgets that with having no upper limit. Thus, the user can put up multiple reviews at once. The plugin is highly customizable and helps the user to create a very attractive and interesting widget to hook the viewer’s attention. Along with this, the plugin also ensures a responsive widget this simply means that the visitor and user can access and view their review widget on any device. 

The plugin also has a feature that keeps the privacy of the reviewer intact by not displaying the picture icon of the reviewer. Also, the user can add the Rate Us’ button to the WordPress website.

d). Widget for Google Reviews by Radius Theme

Widget for Google Reviews by Radius Theme

The plugin Radius Theme provides the user display of the selected GR on the WP website. The reviews can include Google Business ratings and consumer reviews. Thus, these can be displayed on the website in the form of a grid or list per the user’s liking.

The widget for Google Reviews also creates a place for saved review data in the database of WordPress, and this is an extremely useful feature as the user doesn’t have to rely on any marginal services to showcase the reviews.

The plugin is SEO friendly and is also equipped with auto-update and real-time display features.

e). Reviews and Rating by  Design Extreme

Reviews and Ratings

This is a very legit and reliable WP plugin and is quite popular among users for its SEO-friendly and user-friendly interface, as it is easily compatible with shortcodes. Like other tools mentioned above, Reviews and Rating by Design Extreme also help the user increase the SEO ranking and create updated and creative designs and staples to display the Review widget.

It provides you the option to choose from various designs and themes. The plugin also has an auto-update feature that automatically refreshes the feeds.

Summing Up:-

Google reviews act as social proof and a legitimate blob for new website visitors. Thus, this makes embedding Google Reviews on the website quite a strategic marketing move to attract more traffic to the website. The above-mentioned are some very useful Google Review Plugins for the WordPress website for 2023.

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