4 reasons India can win the T20 World Cup

India is expected to be one of the top teams in the T20 World Cup in Australia. Do they have what it takes to win it all? There are four justifications for this possibility below.

Leading Australian betting companies forecast that Australia will give India a tough run for the World Cup title this year.

There are still a few days till the tournament starts, but does India have a chance to win? Will they live up to all of the anticipation and win the tournament? We’ve identified four key advantages that might help India finish first this season.

Bowling’s In-Depth Attack

India has a plethora of talented bowlers at the moment. Against South Africa, India had players like Deepak Chahar, Arshdeep Singh, Ravi Ashwin, Harshal Patel, and Axar Patel at their disposal. In the recent months, players like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Yuzvendra Chahal have also seen action for the India T20 World Cup squad.

Injuries have forced both Jasprit Bumrah and Chahar to miss the World Cup. India has to decide whether they want to elevate their veteran seamer Mohammed Shami or give a shot to Umran Malik or Mohammed Siraj.

Obviously, India’s loss of Bumrah is devastating. India will need to find a way to succeed without one of the finest speed bowlers in the world, regardless of format. We think they have enough money at their disposal to pull this out. Get Cricket Online Id here


Powerful Batting Order

If you want to be a specialist batter for the Indian squad, you better be able to really bat. India’s current top four are KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Surakumar Yadav.

They played quite well against South Africa in the T20 World Cup that just concluded. We are all aware of skipper Sharma’s prowess as a player and his devastating potential when he is on. When you include Rahul and Kohli, India’s top three can compete with any in the world.

The steady development of Yadav is what has made India so successful. Any player would benefit from entering the game with a lead, but Yadav seems unfazed by the score. His power is second only to his ability to hit home runs and change strikeouts. The 61 runs he scored off of 22 balls against South Africa included five 4s and five 6s, a testament to his raw power. Good fielding by Temba Bavuma prevented him from scoring additional runs.

If the top four keep up their recent hot streak, it won’t matter if more potent players are farther down the list.

Virat Kohli

The batsman’s on-field success has made him a household name throughout the world, a phenomenon known as “the Virat Kohli factor.” Kohli’s batting has gone through a dry spell, but he proved that although style comes and goes, his quality is here to stay.

The fact that Kohli has once again shown batting prowess is encouraging for India as the World Cup approaches. But does his impact just increase when he scores?

Fans want to watch him smacking boundaries and scoring runs, but India’s rising star is the kind of player who can still be successful even when his batting is less than stellar. You can Get here Mahadev Book Login access.


Kohli was not at his best during the English summer, but he still couldn’t be held out of the matches against England. Kohli seemed like he was standing a good foot taller than everyone else on the field, whether he was fielding a catch or inspiring his team or the crowd.

An experienced player may have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. Kohli offers the perfect presence at the right moment, whether it’s with the bat in a cameo role or by calming down the younger guys when the boot is on their neck.

His ability to score runs will ensure his spot on the squad, but the fact that he’s only doing it around half the time will have little effect on the outcomes of games.

Ads and Other Temptations

Pitch designs for soccer teams may vary widely from region to country. In England, you may expect to see green tops that are well suited to the gloomy weather that eventually favours swing bowling.

As a result of the dry climate, the surfaces in Australia will be firm and excellent for express-pace bowling. The Indian team might use this to their advantage as they aim to topple their rivals. India’s bowlers may take advantage of the dry conditions, and there has been criticism levelled at Australia’s cricket selection, thus despite Bumrah’s absence, India still has a chance to beat Australia.

Furthermore, India has always taken great pleasure in its spin bowling options in T20 World Cup, and these players are expected to have a significant impact on the competition. A competent spin bowling option may slow down the ball and prevent a team from speeding up in the middle overs, even if they aren’t there to take wickets. India will be a dangerous bowling unit if they find the correct balance of speed and spin.

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