3 Ways to Use SharePoint Online in the Workplace

According to a recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), mobile workers will make up roughly 85.3% of America’s workforce by the end of 2022. With all that in mind, it becomes increasingly obvious that an easy means to share data and exchange ideas will be vital to the success of organizations with a modern-day workforce. Your firm can leverage the power, and expertise, and greatly boost the productivity of your whole workforce when remote workers will have a simple way to communicate regardless of their geographical location. This type of effortless workplace collaboration is available – thanks to Microsoft SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is a sophisticated communication and collaboration solution which allows employees to access, view, and edit files at work from anywhere.

Management can arrange spontaneous meetings, request ideas for instantaneous response & feedback, and take account of their team’s progress from practically anywhere using this online application.

Old is Outdated, New Is Innovative

The “old days” of being stuck to the desk all day and not doing anything can no longer be applicable. However, by using modern tools like SharePoint Online, your employees can now read files, make changes, and contribute to ideas while driving to work, eating lunch at a local coffee shop, and even while waiting at the airport to catch a flight. Simply put, Microsoft Office 365 Suite and SharePoint Online provides business enterprises with the flexibility and freedom their remote employee workforce requires to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace.

There are only a few simple steps to getting started with SharePoint.

Step # 1 – Post Office 365 subscriptions include SharePoint Online, so if you have one, you probably have the accessibility to this robust file sharing, document management, and collaboration tool.

Step # 2 – When you sign up for any package in MS Office 365 and it already includes SharePoint, then the system builds a number of site collections for you automatically. This is more than enough to get you to begin with collaboration and sharing.

Step # 3 – After you’ve installed SharePoint, you can start creating your own team sites. This provides you with more control and authority over the files you include and how they’re shared. For training purposes, you can use the automatically generated sites, but for professional practice, it’s recommended to develop your own.

The Top 3 Workplace Applications for SharePoint Online

SharePoint can help you save time, money, and trouble. Once your SharePoint Online site is up and running, you may leverage it in a variety of creative and inventive ways. Three of the most effective ways of putting your SharePoint Online to work the best for your company are listed below.

# 1 – Create A SharePoint First

Firms no longer need to make significant investments in terms of money and time for establishing and maintaining a dedicated intranet portal, if they have SharePoint Online in place. Because SharePoint Online offers all of the features of an intranet at a fraction of the price.

However, using SharePoint as an intranet substitute will necessitate the use of an IT expert to configure and manage the intranet system properly.

It’s critical to remember while building an intranet with SharePoint Online that the site’s primary goal is to make your employees’ jobs simpler and more efficient. Employees require an easy-to-navigate and intuitive place if they are accessing the employee handbook, downloading tax forms, or changing their direct deposits, via the intranet. After all, every minute that employees spend looking for information is a minute that they could be doing something else.

When creating your workplace intranet with SharePoint Online, there are a few things to bear in mind. The following are the most crucial characteristics of a great SharePoint intranet:

Simple Navigation – The intranet should be simple to use, with connections to commonly used things and constant updates to keep employees informed.

Employee Focused — The intranet is being built for internal employees, not customers and external clients and the interface should reflect that.

Elevate & Spread Your Content – Even employees who use the intranet on a daily basis may be unaware of a new page or link. Important changes should be communicated to staff by email, messenger, and other means to ensure that they are up to speed.

# 2 – Create A Wiki

Wikipedia is well-known for its information sharing and collaboration. And, organizations can take advantage of the same potential of collaboration and sharing using SharePoint. However, a SharePoint wiki is solely accessible by authorized users, unlike Wikipedia which can be updated by anybody with internet access. This makes it an excellent tool for publishing company information.

Naturally, SharePoint Online makes it much easier to create a company wiki. Admittedly, SharePoint is a collaboration and sharing tool, and creating a workplace wiki is a great way to put it to work. Microsoft even gives SharePoint users directions and suggestions for setting up and strong and efficient wiki at work.

# 3 – Create a Group and Use SharePoint as a Collaboration Tool

The most obvious application of SharePoint Online is as a tool for sharing ideas. Businesses can address a variety of problems by forming a group and using SharePoint as a collaboration platform, including time zone variations and international border issues.

SharePoint online is a great tool for project managers since it allows them to establish tasks, track progress, and provide feedback & recommendations as to the project proceeds.

SharePoint also allows managers to easily supervise employees regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. Regardless of whether employees are in different time zones, on business travel, or on vacation, SharePoint Online enables them to collaborate, share ideas, and keep their information safe.

SharePoint Consulting Services by Code Creators Inc. Can Assist You in Achieving Your Goals

Microsoft has worked hard to make SharePoint Online as user-friendly as possible, but if you’ve never used the service before, a leading SharePoint consulting company like Code Creators Inc. can help you get a strong foothold and prevent typical pitfalls in the long run.

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