11 Major SEO Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

To achieve top rankings for your target keywords, you must use SEO to boost your ranking. SEO is the process of increasing unpaid or organic traffic to a website by improving the visibility of individual WebPages or the entire website in search engine results pages. If you are committing SEO blunders, you should be aware that this may reduce the likelihood that search engines will place your website higher in the results of relevant searches.

The following are some common SEO mistakes, along with advice on how to avoid them:

1.    Lack of keyword research: 

There are a lot of website owners who just throw content together with the expectation that it would attract search traffic. Your content needs to be on things that people are seeking for if you want to get traffic from search engines. However, if no one searches for that topic, no one will click through to any pages. And doing keyword research is the only method to find out what people are putting into search engines so that content can be created based on it.

How do you overcome these mistakes? But before you publish any page, you need to make sure that it focuses on a term that has the potential to bring in search traffic.

Here is how to look for these keywords:

  • Navigate to any keywords explorer-like, keyword surfer, keyword sheeter
  • Enter one or more relevant keywords that are associated with your website or specialized field. Let us understand by example. If you sell coffee, such keywords could be coffee, cappuccino, etc.
  • Proceed to the report on words that are matching.

2. Inconsistent with search intent:

Google’s primary mission is to answer users’ questions with the information that is most relevant to their questions. So, you must be relevant to search intent.

Advice on how to prevent making this SEO mistake

Before you start developing any content, you need to make sure that you are in line with the search intent. Because no one knows search intent better than Google, the best place to start is by looking at the top-ranking results for the three Cs of search intent. This is the ideal place to start because there is no one else who understands search intent better.

  •   Content-type: Blog posts, products, landing pages, and videos are the most common types of content. You should probably create a category page to rank. For example,” Nike Air Jordan’s” are on top ranking pages. Buyers are in the market.
  •  The content’s format: The form of content primarily applies to blog posts, which are typically listicles, reviews, or news articles.
  •  The content angle:  Let’s explain this by looking at an example: persons who search the internet for “how to make the chicken” seem to desire the chicken-making procedure to be as easy as possible. The nature of this approach is thus the selling point here.

3. Not understanding your Audience:

Understanding your target audience is a fundamental principle of SEO. you must know your audience in the smallest detail. SEO is the voice of the customer. Customers expect instant responses to other inquiries at the same time. Also, they frequently require this in real-time.

One of the common mistakes in keyword selection is ignoring search engines and users’ preference for long-tail keywords. So, you must define your products and services in a specific way; it is more important to understand how your potential customers refer to them.

How to avoid this error?

  •  You must examine the market in which your customers buy.
  • By Using historical and real-time data, you can understand how behavior changes.
  • Connect what you learn about consumer intent to your keyword choices and strategy.
  • It would be best if you used the google keyword planning tools and vendor tools available to you.

4. Too challenging to target keywords: .

It’s possible to target a maximum of 10 keywords at a time. The competition is fierce. However, this isn’t true for all keywords. Every website in a certain area aspires to rank for certain keywords since they are so sought after. If you want to rank high, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money on it. For less competitive terms, it’s easier to be noticed online.

Consider the competition while deciding whether or not you can rank for a certain term. When it comes to your website’s and your genet’s earnings, focusing on a certain keyword is a must.

However, you should start with less competitive keywords and work your way up to them. Prioritizing less competitive keywords that you can rank for with your current abilities and resources can help you get a head start.

How do we avoid this error?

Take, for instance, the tool known as keyword explorer. When you search for keywords using keyword explorer, you have the option to arrange the results by the level of difficulty associated with each phrase. KD is scored on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most difficult accomplishment to accomplish.

5. To rank, you need a lot of backlinks.

According to Google, links are one of the most important factors in ranking. Therefore, if the rankings of your pages are not as high as you would want them to be, one of the primary causes might be that there are not enough links.

How can you prevent making this SEO mistake?

You need to get in touch with individuals who could be interested in the material you provide and persuade them to connect to you.

6. Opportunities for internal links are being missed:

Now that we have everything out of the way, should we investigate why internal links are so important?

They help to circulate Page rank across your site, which is used by Google to find new material, and they are used by Google to find new content. In most cases, the number of internal links that a page has corresponds directly to its page rank.

  • Google looks at the anchor tests of the links that are found inside the site to get a better understanding of the context.

In spite of all of these benefits, internal links are not often given a high priority. It is a serious error on their part.

How can you prevent making this SEO mistake?

When you publish a new page or post on your website, you should always do a site search to look for more relevant material that you can link to using internal anchor text.

7. You’re preventing Google from crawling your Content: 

Google can’t see what’s on the page if it can’t access your content. Without the ability to view the content of your website, it will be difficult to rank well for relevant search terms.

How to avoid making this common SEO mistake?

You are required to double verify that the Googlebot cannot be stopped from crawling your website in any way.

8. Refusing to allow google to index your content:

In order to win, you must participate in the competition. If Google doesn’t crawl your site or any of its pages, you’ll never be able to climb the search engine results page (SERP). So, it’s possible that a no-index tag was mistakenly added to one of your sites.

How to avoid this error

Whether you want to see if a certain website has been indexed, you may check the Google search console. Enter the URL into the URL inspection tool to achieve this. A message reading “URL, not on google” will be shown when this page is not indexed.

9. Having a prolonged website:

Page speed is a ranking criteria used by Google. Your sales will be harmed as well as your Google rankings if your site is too slow.

How to avoid this SEO error?

You can choose page speed testing tools such as google’s page speed insights and audit website crawl to see how fast your pages are running.

10. Thinking of search engine optimization as a one-time event:

After resolving the nine problems listed above, it’s not enough to say “goodbye” to SEO. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be number one tomorrow even if you reach position 1. As a result, getting a high search engine ranking is a race, in which your rivals will put in a lot of effort and money.

HOW to prevent making this critical SEO mistake

To rise to the top of the search results and attract more visitors, you must put in the time and effort. Furthermore, SEO is an ongoing endeavor. As a result, it’s clear that you’ll need an SEO plan. So, it doesn’t have to be difficult to create an SEO plan. It must be a method that can be repeated

11. Negative Google reviews:

One can expect positive and negative ones regarding product service reviews.

While positive reviews boost your website’s credibility, only positive reviews make it appear suspicious. Simultaneously, several customers expressing dissatisfaction with your website may drive away traffic. On the other hand, the overall number of studies adds to localized search ranking variables while also increasing the social evidence of your company.

How to avoid this SEO error

Building relationships with your customers through bad reviews will help you better understand your audience and attract new customers. So, posting on social media about the types of issues encountered and the solutions used to address them will boost the credibility of your website.

If you want to rank your website, you must hire a professional SEO company. You can go through this article; it has complete SEO information that could benefit you.


Presently serving as the Research and Development specialist in SEO Discovery, Naveen Sharma adds his insights to the company’s strategies. He considers research as the foundational pillar of any project. He stays inquisitive for staying updated and enthusiastic about sharing what he learns. He is also thrilled about the way digital marketing is changing the world, and that’s what you can expect from his blogs

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